Is It OK for Me to Make Jewelry Using Paper Made by Someone Else?

by Megan Frost.

Is It OK for Me to Make Jewelry Using Paper Made by Someone Else?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am making wooden beads with images and patterns glued on them and covered with a glossy coating.

I then make long beaded necklaces with my beads, combining them with glass beads and other plain wooden beads.

If I buy paper at the paper source, can I use this in making my jewelry?

If I make a collage where I use the pattern created by someone for fabric, is this allowed?

If there are copyright issues, are there stock photo sites that aren’t too expensive?


Megan Frost

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  • Rena Klingenberg says:

    If you can contact the person who creates the papers, you can ask about their policy for using their papers.

  • Sharon Berg says:

    Are you speaking of paper such as gift wrap and/or scrapbook paper sheets purchased at local craft store? If so, I don’t think these would violate copyright.

    But if using digital paper patterns from online sellers (Etsy included), as well as those that sell fabric, you would want to contact them. I once found a very fun fabric pattern, sold by the artist on her website, that I wanted to use in my making (not the fabric, but the pattern), but when I contacted the artist the answer was “no.”

    If you’re purchasing digital patterns online, you would want to view their “use terms.” Many offer free personal use and occasionally are OK with commercial use as well (using their designs for making/selling end result). But typically most require the purchase of a commercial license for using their digital files. Same goes for fonts FWIW.

  • Sharon, thanks so much for this information.

  • Kelly says:

    As long as you are changing it into jewelry, and alter it in some way, it should be fine. There isn’t much in art that hasn’t been done. Think about how you can alter that paper to make it unique. Can you draw on top of it with a metallic pen or something, rip it up so it is not in its entirety, or scan and alter it digitally? This kind of thing is done all of the time in mixed media.

  • Elizabeth P says:

    There are graphic design sites that you can buy designs or get free designs with licenses for personal, light commercial and commercial use. Royalty free pictures and images are available from,, and numerous other sources by searching for free graphic designs.

    You can also try making your own designs using apps like Canva, Over and Procreate.

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