Jewelry Line Sheets

What a product line sheet is,
and how to create and use one

by Rena Klingenberg.

How to Make Jewelry Line Sheets for Wholesaling - Jewelry Making Journal

What is a jewelry “line sheet”?

Basically, it’s a catalog page or brochure that shows your jewelry line to prospective wholesale customers.

What Your Line Sheet Should Include:

Your jewelry line sheet should show how pieces in your line look together.

  • An attractive page layout that doesn’t appear crowded or contain tiny print – and evokes the style and personality of your jewelry.
  • The name of the particular jewelry line featured, and the season. (For example, “Jungle Expedition Jewelry Line, Fall 2020 Collection”.)
  • Photos showcasing your jewelry line. They should be clear, professional-quality images that are large enough to show details of your products. If you need help with getting good images of your jewelry, see Photographing Jewelry.
  • Next to each image on your line sheet:
    • The item’s name or order number.
    • Any available options such as colors, stones, sizes, etc.
    • The item’s measurements, length, etc.
    • The price. Because line sheets are typically used in wholesale situations, they usually list wholesale prices instead of retail. But to avoid any confusion, it’s a good idea to print “wholesale pricing” or “retail pricing” on your line sheets, along with the appropriate prices.
    • The name of your business.
    • Your contact information.
    • Your terms of sale:
      • Any opening (first) order requirements.
      • Any order minimums (either quantity or price) you require.
      • What forms of payment you accept.
      • Whether you let established wholesale accounts purchase on a “net 30” basis (meaning you expect full payment within 30 days after you deliver the goods to your wholesale customer), and whether you give discounts for early payment.
      • How much you charge for shipping, and the shipping methods you use.
      • Your warranty policy.
      • Your returns policy.
      • Whether you accept international orders.
      • How long it takes you to fill and ship orders, and whether you ship large orders in smaller batches as they’re ready.
    • Other info to consider including:

      Some jewelry artists include a short artist’s statement or artist biography as part of their line sheet, or any unusual information about their products. This kind of info isn’t necessary, but if it happens to be unusual, interesting, or related to a timely topic in your case, it can sometimes lead to more sales.

    Distributing Your Line Sheets
    to Prospective Customers

    You should have printed copies of your line sheet available to hand out in person at trade shows and when visiting a shop or gallery. You can also mail them to wholesale prospects.

    You will probably also want to have an electronic (computerized) version of your jewelry line sheet ready to send out.

    The best way to create the electronic version is to save your line sheet file as a .pdf file, and either

    • Make it available on your website, or
    • Email the link to interested shops.

    You can also make your line sheet page openly available on your website.

    If you do make it openly available, there’s a much greater chance it will be found by a shop or gallery that’s interested in carrying your work.

    However, some jewelry designers prefer to keep their product lines and prices a secret from their competitors. Others want to prevent their retail customers from seeing their wholesale price list, since these customers often don’t understand why the wholesale prices are so much lower than the price the jewelry artist charges them.

    Whether you decide to make your line sheets publicly available or keep them a private part of your website is a matter of individual choice.

    To keep your jewelry line sheet page a secret part of your website, you can either

    • password-protect your line sheet page, and send the password to interested wholesale prospects, or
    • email your line sheet link to qualified wholesale buyers who contact you.

    However, if you decide to make your product line sheet available only upon request, you’ll need to be sure to have someone monitoring your email, phone, and mailbox regularly whenever you’ll be absent from your business for more than a day or so. From a prospective customer’s point of view, a jewelry artist who is slow to send out his marketing materials isn’t creating the impression of a business that fills jewelry orders quickly and accurately.

    Whatever way you decide to distribute your jewelry line sheet, remember that the more difficult you make it for a potential customer to obtain a copy of it, the more likely that customer is to follow an easier route and buy from a different jewelry designer.

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  • Patricia says:

    My name is Patricia, Thank you for sharing this vital wealth of information. I have been making jewelry/Accessories since I was a about 10 years old. I know many Jewelry making techniques, but had not considered my options until now. My love for Art and creating jewelry is what makes me whole and complete. I always create with a purpose in mind. It is one of my greatest passions, I love being a part of the creative art world. Recently I decided to move forward, and go to the next level and leave my regular job to do what I love. I’m in the planning stages. I am working on a website now. I’m grateful to have stumble upon this gem. I encourage anyone who have a dream to create, don’t wait just do it the sky is the limit!!!!

  • Welcome, Patricia! We’re glad to have you here! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you’ve decided to move forward with your dream. There’s a ton of info here about selling handmade jewelry in all sorts of ways – and you can always ask questions. And I’d be delighted if you’d like to share your jewelry designs in our gallery here!

  • Marv says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this information. Do you have any information on how to have a line produced for volume, I have had some inquires wanting more than I can produce with a wholesale price point…any suggestions?

  • Hi Marv, you may find info in this post here at JMJ that can help you:
    Custom Jewelry Manufacturing. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  • Hi Rena! I find your blog very informative especially for someone who’s in the start-up stage, like me. I got the answers even before I ask. Thank you for this!

  • Catherine, thanks so much for letting me know! It’s lovely to hear this. 🙂

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