Selling Jewelry Through a Boutique – How to Compensate the Owner?

by Michelle.

Selling Jewelry Through a Boutique - How to Compensate the Owner?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

A boutique owner has been selling a small amount of my jewelry from her shop.

She takes nothing from these sales.

Now she is going to have a four day premiere of my jewelry at her shop.

I want her to get a fair percentage from these sales. What would be considered a fair share?

Thank you.

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  • The 4-day premier of your jewelry sounds like a wonderful opportunity to have your work promoted right at the kickoff of the best jewelry-selling season of the year!

    For compensating the shop owner, you might consider two different approaches:

    If your work had been on consignment in her shop, you would be paying around 40% of all sales to her.

    If you were selling your work at a trunk show in her shop during the 4-day event, your typical fee to the shop owner would be at least 20% to 25% of the total sales.

    If for some reason she refuses payment, you could insist that she choose a piece of jewelry (or you could create a custom piece for her) as thanks for her promotion of your work. Most people who won’t accept money have a hard time turning down jewelry!

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