Jewellery Supply Display : Finally One I Like

by Linda Finnie.
(East Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada)

I have been beading for over 10 years now and have gone through at least a dozen storage ideas, from basic tubs to custom designs. I think I have finally found the one that truly works for me.

My Storage Tower

My Storage Tower

It is not ideal – yet – needs a few tweaks here and there, but is definitely a keeper!

The shelving is just three $7 shoe racks, but you could use anything you like that has shallow shelves as that is all you need. This one fits my storage tubs well and is compact.

The bead cases are $6 ones out of WalMart which are great because they are rounded and so easy to get your beads out of. They are also semi transparent so I can see the beads inside without opening the lid.

I recently changed from type of bead to colour of bead organization and find that suits me better. The only beads I still have in type is seed & tube beads.

For the larger beads I have bought a few deeper bigger compartment cases $2, again from WalMart.

And Finally for some of the smallest beads (seed beads) that would be a nightmare to pick up if I dropped them, and my sterling silver beads, I have some small individual lid cases. Mainly from Michaels $3-12, I have them positioned right beside my desk so I only have to swivel round on my desk chair to reach.

My sometimes messy desk!

My sometimes messy desk!

My tools I have on an old chopping board to the right of my workstation and I have the ones I only use occasionally in the desk drawers. I have two carousel units on top of my desk for bigger items like my hammer, files and some glues amongst other things.

And lastly I use a couple of embroidery meshes to sit my beading tray on, that way if I drop a bead off the tray it stays put.
I find all of this has worked the best for me out of everything I have ever tried. It is convenient, practical, safe & it encourages production.

I hope this gives some of you ideas.

Linda Finnie
East Mountain Ranch

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