My Multi-Purpose Jewelry Studio

by Autumn.
(North Carolina, USA)

The Jewelry Making Journal has been a real asset since the first day I found this site on Google. You’ve all given wonderful advice and inspired the muses far more than I can put into words. I decided last month to post my own studio/organization story, but kept putting it down. Since it’s far too cold to safely wire wrap, I’ve decided to write this post. So here we go!



My studio is actually my desk. Which, in turn, is not a desk but my collapsible six-foot expo table and a table chair.

Hidden under my clothes are two DIY bead storage trays along with two compartments of pearls and findings. Next to them are five compartments of tumbled stones and cabs. Above that are two aluminum pie pans where in-progress items are stored. Then you have my random assortment of desk items, including wooden dowels for mandrels. Hidden under the desk is my toolbox, shipping and expo items. Random tools/materials I rarely use have a designated space on the bookshelf.

Tumbled gemstones and cabs

Tumbled gemstones and cabs

The storage itself is what makes this work. Like everyone else, I went through the “what system works for me?!” phase. I tried the zip-bag, shoe/plastic boxes, bead caddies, original packaging, glass and plastic bottles and probably several other methods.

My toolbox is large enough to carry my tools, small enough to store anywhere, and sturdy. The dividable, large compartment boxes are for tumbled stones and cabs. All wire is placed in craft-size zip bags with tarnish strips. The bags are placed within a sturdy plastic tray that has anti-tarnish cloth in the bottom.

The bead storage is what really has me excited though. Elizabeth Ward Bead Solutionsis exactly what I was looking for since I started making jewelry. The plastic tray the wire is stored in is actually a Bead Solution tray.

Bead Storage

Bead Storage

The Bead Solution units come in four sizes. I use them for both findings and beads. My units are stored in DIY “boxes” made from cookie trays and non-slip shelf-liner.

So there you have it, my studio! Photographs are taken in the corner where the notebooks are, so that I can adjust the spectrum light.

I hope this helps inspire others. Thanks for reading!

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