A Few Favorite Storage Ideas

by Susan Anderson.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite ideas for storing supplies and materials used in jewelry making. Although I enjoy looking through the online stores for items to purchase, I get the most satisfaction when I find something I can use that works simply for storing supplies and costs just pennies.

I am an avid thrift store shopper when it comes to finding materials for creating art and jewelry. So that’s where I found these items.

Storage Carousel

I love using these to store my tools and materials. One sits on my work table and contains all my pliers, cutters, filing tools, sharpies, etc. This way everything is within reach and easy to take out and put away.

Jewelry Tool Carousel Storage

Jewelry Tool Carousel Storage

Another type of carousel I found was to store baby food jars. It has 3 tiers and is on a turnstyle as well. It is the perfect size to hold my metallic paint jars.

Baby Food Rack for Storage

Baby Food Rack for Storage

Prior to that I had them laying on their side on a small shelf, but this works out better because the paint sits upright.

Spice Rack for Storage

Spice Rack for Storage

A final example of a carousel was one for spices, with clear glass jars. I use this to store just my glass pearl beads. This makes it easy to find the beads I want when needed.

Ink Pad Storage

The ink pads I use regularly are in a desk drawer by my work table, but the extras I store two different ways. Each uses old cassette tape storage items. I have two cassette tape type drawers, old plastic ones from, where else- the thrift store, these store ink pads (not picture). They are organized by color.

Cassette Tape Rack for Storage

Cassette Tape Rack for Storage

The other type is the one that is pictured, it hangs on my workroom door. If I need an ink pad that is not in my desk, these are my go to places to find them.

With just a little thought, many old items can be repurposed for storage at a fraction of the cost to buy something new, and is environmentally friendly.

Susan Anderson
Earthy by Design on Etsy

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  • Great ideas, Susan! What handy ways to keep your tools and supplies accessible – without spending a lot of money on organizers. I’m especially impressed with the cleverness of using the cassette-tape organizer as an inkpad storage! Thanks so much for sharing all these helpful ideas for storing and organizing jewelry supplies and tools!

  • BeckyJane says:

    Wonderful ideas! It seems the more supplies we collect to work with the more compact and organizational ideas we are in need of. Thank you for these tips.

  • Donna Stillman says:

    Hmmmm, I’m on my way out to a thrift store today. I will have to see if they have any of these racks or carousels. I just started buying ink pads and the cassette tape rack would be perfect. Get out the label maker!

  • Maxine Booth says:

    The inkpad storage is fabulous, and love the spice rack. I also use a rotating spice rack for small beads and it’s so handy.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  • Nancy says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Wonderful ideas for storage especially the carousel for tools and the spice rack for metal beads and spacers. I’ve been needing a good way to take care of these storage problems and you have supplied the answer!!!

  • Sherry Mills says:

    I don’t recognize the item that you used for the tool carousel. What did you use and where can I find one. All your ideas are so clever. Thank you for sharing.

  • Susan Verdecchia says:

    Sherry, I have a carousel or two similar to the one Susan shows here, and they were from an office supply store used to hold pens, pencils, scissors, etc. It works great for all my pliers and other tools and then I have another that I put my glues in. But hers looks a little different in that mine had different sized holes and bins, and hers looks almost like it is for utensils or knives or something.

  • Kathleen Durand says:

    I recently received a Keuric coffee maker and “rotating round rack” for the round coffee packs. I didn’t really need the coffee maker, but the round spinning rack was great to put my all tools in! So that is what I am using now. It works well. However, if I have to move it from one place to another I move the tools out the top row into the the lower rows so the tool points do not catch my arm. I’ve been making jewelry for about 5 years. I am just discovering your newsletters. Thank you, great information!

  • Kathleen, nice to meet you! Great tip to use the rotating rack for your tools – I bet it keeps everything at your fingertips!

  • Joanne Kane says:

    I use a rotating rack for tool storage as well. Pampered Chef “Tool Turnabout” is excellent and turns easily with the weight of the tools. I am not sure if they still sell them but maybe found in thrift stores or yard sales.

  • Catherine says:

    Susan. Thanks for the ideas!. I’ve been trying to think of something to keep my pliers, scissors, etc..in. Darn! The carousel spice rack would have been nice, but I gave mine to Goodwill last year, I wish I would have saved it now. As far as my beads, jump rings, etc… I started getting storage drawers used for nails, hooks, etc…at the home improvement store,,Lowe’s . I got the ones that have 30 drawers, it holds alot of beads and small things. Of course they weren’t very pretty so I spray painted white. Thanks for the great idea for where to put pliers and other tools.

  • I use old medicine bottles to store the different sizes and gauges of jump rings I cut and I keep them in spice rack shelves in two racks of 24 and 30. I bought the racks at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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