A Few Favorite Storage Ideas

by Susan Anderson.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite ideas for storing supplies and materials used in jewelry making. Although I enjoy looking through the online stores for items to purchase, I get the most satisfaction when I find something I can use that works simply for storing supplies and costs just pennies.

I am an avid thrift store shopper when it comes to finding materials for creating art and jewelry. So that’s where I found these items.

Storage Carousel

I love using these to store my tools and materials. One sits on my work table and contains all my pliers, cutters, filing tools, sharpies, etc. This way everything is within reach and easy to take out and put away.

Jewelry Tool Carousel Storage

Jewelry Tool Carousel Storage

Another type of carousel I found was to store baby food jars. It has 3 tiers and is on a turnstyle as well. It is the perfect size to hold my metallic paint jars.

Baby Food Rack for Storage

Baby Food Rack for Storage

Prior to that I had them laying on their side on a small shelf, but this works out better because the paint sits upright.

Spice Rack for Storage

Spice Rack for Storage

A final example of a carousel was one for spices, with clear glass jars. I use this to store just my glass pearl beads. This makes it easy to find the beads I want when needed.

Ink Pad Storage

The ink pads I use regularly are in a desk drawer by my work table, but the extras I store two different ways. Each uses old cassette tape storage items. I have two cassette tape type drawers, old plastic ones from, where else- the thrift store, these store ink pads (not picture). They are organized by color.

Cassette Tape Rack for Storage

Cassette Tape Rack for Storage

The other type is the one that is pictured, it hangs on my workroom door. If I need an ink pad that is not in my desk, these are my go to places to find them.

With just a little thought, many old items can be repurposed for storage at a fraction of the cost to buy something new, and is environmentally friendly.

Susan Anderson
Earthy by Design on Etsy

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