Is a French Wire the Same Thing as a Wire Guard?

by Emily.

Is a French Wire the Same Thing as a Wire Guard?

Is a French wire the same thing as a wire guard?

If not, will a wire guard perform the same function of keeping the bead wire from sliding through a jump ring?

Thank you.


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  • Brenda says:

    While of different design, their purpose is to protect your beading wire from wear and tear where the wire is attached to a clasp or connector. However, a wire guard would also prevent the wire from slipping through a jump ring. Of course, using a closed ring would eliminate that issue all together.

  • Becky says:

    Using oval jumprings with the cut on the side will also aid in keeping it put together. Different sizes and gauges work for me.

  • Carolyn says:

    You could use a split ring.

  • Stella Volschenk says:

    Hi Emily they are not the same thing but have the same purpose.They are used to stop wear and tear on the wire itself and it gives your jewelry a more finished look.I prefer wire guardians because they are easier to use but keep french wire as well for the times when I prefer the look.They both cover the loop you get when crimping and there are loads of tutorials on You Tube.French wire is also known as gimp.

  • Raylene Kinyon says:

    Thank you. I have seen the word “gimp” for years and had no idea what it was.

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