In Memory of My Mom…

by Ann Widner.
(Little Visions Photo & Jewelry Art)

I created this photo pendant as a tribute to and remembrance of my mom. I scanned and cropped the original picture of her as a young girl in the 1930’s. I wanted the focus of the piece to be her beautiful face and eyes because I think they show her strength.

Then printed out the little picture and placed it in an antique silver bezel and coated it with two thick layers of epoxy resin. I keep this pendant close to me to remind me of my mom.

She was my biggest fan and greatest supporter. She believed in me when, at times, I didn’t believe in myself. She passed away suddenly two years ago, and my life since then has not been the same.

When I want to give up, I do what she always encouraged me to do – I create!! It helps to ease my anxiety and depression and brings my mind great peace. During those quiet times, I feel my mom’s presence and know her spirit will always be with me.

Ann Widner
Ann Widner at etsy

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