How to Be SuperWoman Business Owner?

by Cathy Quesnot.

Hi everyone !
After being a Tahitian pearls wholesaler(selling to jewellery shop and manufacture loose pearls but also my own design) for the last 8 years in Australia, i decided for several reasons to stop dealing with them and start a business online with direct client…..Well not easy, i spent (still) a lot of time behind my computer, a lots of stress, energy and tears !!!

I found myself :
-designing my website (that i don`t like anymore, because i probably spent to much time on it), i had so much bad communication with the web people and not a lots of help from them uploading all my content!
-Thinking about new design, finding supplier, making jewellery, marketing my website etc….

Today i am spending a lot for the SEO and Google adds………
But unfortunately not enough sell to cover all my expenses…….
I can`t afford to spend for my jewellery pictures anymore and i invested in a box where i have been trying now for at least one month !! to take on good picture……. (with white background like the pictures i ve got on my website already). Not easy, i am not a photographer 🙁
I can send you later if you want some pictures i took …??
Trying now to be a webmaster , marketing person, photographer, designer, and jeweler!!!
I do know now that you can`t be good at everything !!
Even if i say to myself when i am down “you are a super woman!”
I would love to be able just thinking about new design, make them and sell them……….

Cathy Quesnot

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