How to Set Up My Jewelry Business Legally for Selling?

by Cate.
(Satellite Beach. FL)

How to Set Up My Jewelry Business Legally for Selling?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am very new to the jewelry business but have a whole room full of jewelry that I have made.

I did attend one craft fair and had two sales.

My question is, what are the legal requirements for:

  • doing a craft fair
  • signing up to sell my jewelry online
  • registering my business name, etc.

Thank you.

Cates Creations

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  • Hi Cate! Thanks for asking. I think you’ll find the answers to most of your questions in this post here:
    Start a Jewelry Business

    Wishing you all the the best in your new jewelry business! 🙂

  • Katie VanPatten says:

    Hi Cate –

    Rena’s post on “Start a Jewelry Business” is a fantastic resource and covers a lot of ground! I’m beginning to go through this process myself for next year.

    Here in Michigan, you must be collecting sales tax if you make more than five hundred dollars a year and this is true even if you just have a couple of garage sales! Be wary of rules varying from state to state and I would think about talking to a business accountant. Most of them around here have free first time sessions and I’m scheduling with a few different people to get a feel for each one. I recommend doing some research first and having questions prepared in order to get the most out of the first appointment. I’m finding that I’ll be able to lower my prices dramatically and make a higher wage, despite the expense of an accountant and the time involved with management aspects, due to the tax write offs and purchasing with a resellers license.

  • Hi Kate, I am also in Florida and found that was the best place to get started with a license. It is the state support for new business. I had to register my business name and then I had to get a certificate from my county and also my city. They will also help you to set up to pay for sales tax which you can do monthly online or quarterly/yearly by mail. THey are super helpful when you call and really put me in the right direction.
    Good luck
    WoodStone Jewelry

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