How Do I Attract Kids and Teens to My Festival Booth?

by Pam Halloran.
(Build-A-Bracelet Bead Parties & More)

I have been given a huge opportunity to promote my business at a very large festival.

I still cannot believe that I was asked to do this, so I have to have everything nailed down to the smallest detail.

Here’s the scenario:

I am going to be one of the featured merchant’s in the children’s area of the Eyes to the Skies Festival(hot air balloon themed festival) in the Chicago area over the Fourth of July weekend.

I will not be selling my jewelry, as the purpose in the children’s area is to promote activities for the kids. I will be selling bracelet and necklace beaded kits for a nominal fee and helping the kids make these kits. I’m finalizing the designs for the kits, as there should be about eight to twelve options for the kids to choose from.

Each kit will have my business label on it with pictured instructions inside (in case grandma’s or others choose to ‘make and take’ at home). My problem comes with my display. Help??!! Typically, my displays are black linens with white organza and tulle bows on different level risers.

I’m lost at how to adapt this to attract kids, pre-teens and possibly teenagers to my area. I have to have ‘something’ to hang/display the options (which will be numbered to make for ease at point of sale) and make them available if the kids want to touch and look at them.

I’m not sure if I should go with my business colors (teal and purple) or red,white and blue or stick to the black/white I typically do. Also, I’ve been trying to think of a way to incorporate the hot air balloon theme too. I do have a couple of kits in the works that will have hot air balloon charms incorporated with them.

If you link to my website below¬† you’ll see that I also do kids birthday, sleepover, girls night in beading parties. Obviously, I would want to promote this as well. I was thinking some percent off or gift certificate raffle to promote this end of my business. Thoughts, opinions on how to gracefully accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

Any ideas, thought, insight into my problem would help me out immensely! I’m not sure of what direction to go into and need somebody-anybody to think of what would attract them and their kids to this type of activity at a festival.

Thanks again to Rena for giving me the insight to start my own business!


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