Help with Quick, Easy Souvenir Ring Design for Large Canadian Pennies

by Randy Kaniuk.
(Saskatchewan Canada)

Help with Quick, Easy Souvenir Ring Design for Large Canadian Pennies  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have an old historic hotel where I want to set up a small souvenir penny ring station.

Using our large Canadian cents to make a ring, I was going to use the latest Jason Works coin center-punch and an antique ring stretcher reducer.

Must be able to make a ring in five minutes, and hoping to create a memorable experience and thus create some loyalty to our guests.

Love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have!

Thank you,

Randy Kaniuk
Historic Shaunavon Hotel

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  • Hi Randy, just as an alternative idea for a quick way to make coin jewelry – you could punch a hole in the coin and use a jump ring to attach the coin to the chain / cord of your customer’s preference.

    And you could have two options – a ring or a pendant. A person who is not a ring-wearer might choose the pendant, and the pendant would be very fast to make into a necklace.

  • Mary Anne says:

    Make a ring of this type in 5 minutes??? I don’t think that is realistic. I believe you would have better success with Rena’s suggestion. Or you could epoxy pennies on top of ring blanks. Perhaps having a selection of all three types of penny jewelry, with different price points, in a case where people check in and check out would be successful. Also, consider making simple key rings as some people would not want jewelry but would use a key ring. You could use a coin holder attached to standard key ring, or devise something simple and modern with other findings.

  • Mimi says:

    I also concur with Rena and Mary Anne. For the penny pendants and the keychains use a rolling mill (like the old souvenir penny rollers do), then punch and attach with jump ring/bail or just put on a key fob.
    Using the ring option is also a great idea and would appeal to a certain crowd – offer to mail it if they aren’t staying long enough to give it to them after making. You might also want to have a certain stock of sizes already done so they can take it right there. Best of luck!

  • George C says:

    I make coin rings and have done large penny rings. You will not be successful in stretching the metal to form the ring without annealing it two or three times during the process. With stretchers and reducers (to size the ring) buffing and cleaning I think 45 minutes minimum is more realistic unless you want to mash out something that looks like a chunk of water pipe.

  • Randy says:

    To my sharing new friends I thank you all! Every post is fantastic. Your sage advice is much appreciated. Looking for an old penfold stretcher reducer antique if anyone in North America may have a lead. See some in England but am patient! Premaking… alternative uses etc etc. should make this a very unique thing for an old hotel 103 years old. Thanks again!

  • Kathy Joyal says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to make a ring in 5 minutes and have it memorable.
    BUT the comments above are good.
    You could also drill 2 and make a set of earrings.
    You could also make bookmarks and dangle a penny on a piece of ribbon.
    Good luck.

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