Heirloom Wedding Rings Necklace

by Mary La Croix Schmidt.
(Johns Creek, Georgia USA)

Next month, February, my mom would have been 92 years old. She passed away in 1987.

Heirloom Wedding Ring Necklace

Heirloom Wedding Ring Necklace

A year or two before she passed, she gave my older sister her wedding rings, since my sister had two small girls at the time. I believe my mother said each girl should receive a ring, but I can’t really remember the particulars of that story.

Heirloom Wedding Ring Necklace

Heirloom Wedding Ring Necklace

My sister actually went on to have a third daughter the year my mother passed away. Over the years I have developed an intense interest in jewelry design, so my sister decided to pass the rings on to me, with the suggestion I do something with them.

Mom loved a good repurpose. Imagine my surprise when I received the rings in the mail this past December. Honestly, since I hadn’t seen them in almost thirty years, I didn’t recognize them.

After diligently cleaning them I found the tell tale evidence inside both of the bands. They are inscribed with “Merry Christmas 1949” and “I love you. Gene 1950”.

Yep, these were the real deal. After securing fine gold chain, jump rings and wire, I set to work on my new haul. The beads are Swarovski amber cubes and crystal spacers, along with an handmade goldfilled wire clasp.

My challenge now….. to wear them! I loose everything!

Mary La Croix Schmidt

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