Harmony Earrings

by Liya Lili Okun.

Harmony Earrings by Liya Lili Okun  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I love the turquoise color so much.

Few years ago, I became interested in Native American jewelry.

I have started to watch Native American jewelry inspiration and saw that the turquoise color is very popular.

Liya Lili Okun
Lili’s Jewelry

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  • Liya Lili, I so agree with you about the wonderful color of turquoise, and the beautiful ways Native American artists design with turquoise! I love the earrings you shared here – they look fantastically swingy and eye catching!

  • Liya Lili says:

    Thank you Rena, for giving me the opportunity to show my passion to the world.
    I feel that the tourquoise color is part of my soul, I express my self with this color and my craft.
    Thanks again and I will follow comments here.

  • Eli says:

    Very nice work 🙂

  • Patti Pojer says:

    Love what you have done!!

  • Blanche says:

    I recall Eilat Stone can sometimes occur in turquoise-like shades of blue green. (For those unfamiliar: It’s a stone similar to turquoise or malachite depending on the colors, found nearby the city of Eilat, Israel.) Is it still mined or quarried?

  • Liya says:

    Patti, thank you!
    Blanch hi! I use ONLY real gemstones from a gemstones supplier in Israel, he is the only one I trust.
    Since I am also a mental coacher and a very spiritual person, I need to feel the energies from a real gemstone, I am inspired of each gemstone’s energies:-)

    Liya Okun
    Lili’s Jewelry

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