Guys Make Jewelry Too

by Jim Davis.

Tiny Silver Heart on Delicate Chain

On that Wednesday morning in June of 2012, when the doctor told me that I had a rare and aggressive form of cancer, my world was changed forever. The next 12 months involved chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and radiation therapy.  Medically speaking, that treatment period was intense, but produced the desired result, and I am now in complete remission.

A very unexpected and unusual side effect of my cancer treatment was my introduction to the world of handmade jewelry. Being a guy’s kind of guy, with an abundance of testosterone in my veins, and finding myself spending hours working with spring clasps and sideways crosses, seemed like an odd and curious combination.

Cross Infinity Necklace

Cross Infinity Necklace

But I have always enjoyed working with my hands. So as I began looking for ways to keep my mind and hands occupied, and to keep myself from dwelling on my difficulties, I was somehow led to handcrafted jewelry.

It has provided me with a very welcome and enjoyable form of therapy and distraction. But now that the fear and anxiety associated with my disease has passed, I find that the passion for my jewelry business grows stronger with each passing day.

I have opened a jewelry shop on ETSY, and have begun to develop my own line and style.

Bead Branch Necklace

Bead Branch Necklace

While I initially started working with beads, I was quickly attracted to necklaces, and to the world of chains and connectors and charms and pendants. The simple and yet elegant appearance of Sterling Silver and gold creations intrigues me.

I am in the process of adding more and more items to my listings, and hope to offer a wide range of customer options by the time the upcoming holiday season gets into full swing.

Infinity Cross Necklace 2

Each piece of jewelry that I create yields a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that my thoughts and my efforts produced a lasting result. And knowing that my jewelry is being enjoyed by customers near and far, and that the work of my hands is helping them to feel more attractive and more vibrant, brings me great pleasure.

So what began as a response to something negative, has evolved into something beautiful and fulfilling.

God can certainly work in strange and mysterious ways.

Jim Davis
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