Meteorite Pendant

by Duane Aldrich.
(York, PA)

Meteorite Pendant by Duane Aldrich  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I figured it was time to make something that us guys would wear.

At a local gem and mineral show I picked up a few pieces of meteorite.

I chose ones that weren’t too thick but had an interesting shape or texture.

I made a simple setting and hung it from a leather cord.

The result was a simple necklace that could be worn by men or women and no two are alike.

Duane Aldrich
Aldrich Custom Crafts

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  • This is a great unisex piece of jewelry that might be especially appreciated by someone who is into science. It has an interesting shape and the setting you created works very well with it, without overshadowing it.

  • Val says:

    Nice work! I love the setting. Perfect complement with the cool meteorite piece. I could see these being a hot seller for the holiday season. Selections for men can be so limited.

  • I agree, Val – and there are lots of ladies looking for jewelry they can gift to their gentlemen!

  • Thank you! I’ll be making a few more of these for our upcoming shows. One cool thing is that no two are alike.

  • Diana G says:

    And the really cool thing is that they come from outer space! A gift from the cosmos

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