Combining 2 Passions – Bruce Springsteen and Beadweaving

by Holly Kurzman.
(Pézenas, (Occitanie) France)

Bruce Springsteen portrait in beads

I wanted a way to combine 2 of my passions — beadweaving and Bruce Springsteen, I so created this design to bring the 2 passions together in 1 piece.

Combining 2 Passions - Bruce Springsteen and Beadweaving

Bruce Springsteen portrait in beads

This portrait (inspired by the photo by Herb Ritts that appears on the cover of the biography written by Peter Carlin) measures 3″ x 4″ & uses more than 3700 beads, woven using 2-drop even count peyote stitch. I was amazed at the level of detail I got with only 6 colors of beads.

I will either frame it (most likely) or add peyote stitch loops at the top & hang it from a bar.

Holly Kurzman
Hillcrest Studio
Hillcrest Studio’s Facebook Page

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  • Dian says:


  • This is such an interesting idea, Holly, and a beautiful job of capturing Bruce Springsteen’s face with beads. A miniature masterpiece!

  • Sue says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!

  • Patt Sheldon says:

    Wow, Holly! What an incredible piece of art you created!

  • Amazing. The patience and detail. Just great.

  • Barbara Jacquin says:

    Hello from Uzes! You hace truly captured Springsteen’s expression in your intricate beading. Bravo! If you are ever in my area please contact me and in the meantime you are invited to peek at my boutique on Etsy which is called Bijou de Barbara.

  • Wow, that’s amazing work Holly! I do some bead weaving myself & I have to ask; did you determine the shading details & the colors you’d need for them ahead of time, like literally do a pencil sketch, or some other impression to work from? Or did you work out the nuances as you went along? Truly a work of art!

  • Holly Kurzman says:

    Cherie, thanks for your kind compliment. I use software to create the pattern from an image and then follow the pattern to weave the piece.

  • Holly Kurzman says:

    Salut, Barbara. We are practically neighbors. Uzes is a lovely city, and if I am planning to visit there again, I will certainly get in touch. Meanwhile, I will check out your Etsy shop.

    Bonne journee !

  • Barbara says:

    Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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