Birthday Tassel Necklace

by Maria Jenny.
(Georgetown, Texas)

Sodalite Tassel Necklace by Maria Jenny  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Sodalite Tassle Necklace

February is my niece’s birthday month. Usually I make something for her that is made from amethyst and silver.

She loves necklaces and a year ago she mentioned she would like a tassel necklace.

At the time, I had never thought of making this type of necklace. It wasn’t something that I had tried or mastered.

Jennifer's Birthday Necklace, by Maria Jenny  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Jennifer’s Birthday Necklace

But I thought I’ll give it a try. So I spent a little time researching various necklaces made with tassels.

I came upon a pattern that I thought would be really nice and began to think about what gemstone to make the necklace.

I had purchased some sodalite from a neighbor who was ‘going out of business’.

There was enough of it that I was able to make a 30 inch necklace with a handcrafted tassel made of cobalt blue and silver seed beads.

My niece absolutely loves the necklace and I am so proud that I took a chance on making a necklace that I’ve never done before.

Maria Jenny
The Gemmed Giraffe

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