Best Bracelet Cord or Material for Bracelets

by Katy Ritter.
(Louisville, Kentucky USA)

question-mark-originalI am in search of a good, durable material for making bracelets.

I suppose I could describe the type of bracelets I am wanting to make as friendship bracelets; soft, cloth material, yet I need the material to be a little more “thick” than those friendship bracelets we all know and remember from elementary school.

I have found that para cord to be one material that I like, but it is a tad expensive. Does anyone know of any other material that is good for making bracelets?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Katy Ritter

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  • Kelsy says:

    I like to use Chinese knotting cord. It is much smaller than paracord but thicker than embroidery thread. It’s really durable and comes in a lot of colors.

  • Barbara says:

    Hi, Katy, I don’t make these types of bracelets but I’ve been thinking about it since I sell to kids and teens. It happens that I was in a store yesterday that specialises in Chinese crystal and I was amazed at the range of colours and diameters/thicknesses that are available, as Kelsy above mentioned.

    Like everything else, you need to know what it’s called in order to find it! This is a link to an online store that popped up immediately on Google, just to give you an idea of the colours and diameters available:

  • Karen Watson says:

    Check out I love using rattail. You can get it in different thicknesses, and it has a sheen to it that is beautiful. I do kumihimo, and also use it for some of my pendants, for people who are sensitive to metal. I make my jewelry so it is easy and comfortable to wear for anyone, and for many things, rattail fills the bill.

  • DORIS says:

    Look for small packs of different color leather cords in your local supply store. Sometimes you can find them in single colors bundles at Wal-Mart for $1. Check out the prices per feet to see which is the best buy. Good luck.

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