Bead Identities: How do I find them?

by Gail.
(Tennessee USA)

When I started collecting beads and gemstones I knew nothing about jewelry, wasn’t even making jewelry.

Gail: Bead Identities: How do I find them?

I simply bought what pleased my eye. So I have beads/gemstones I don’t have names for. Now that I know more and am creating jewelry, I want to open an Etsy store to sell my pieces.

But I feel like I am in a jam as I see most jewelry sellers, in their descriptions, tell their customers what kind of beads/gemstones are in a piece of jewelry.

I’ve tried looking up gemstones by picture but the variety is so overwhelming and I’m not getting anywhere. Now that I know better I of course know to find out more about what I purchase.

But I’m looking for any suggestions for a way to describe a piece of jewelry if I can not put a name to the bead/gemstone.

Is this going to hurt me in regards to sales? Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.

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