Am I Crazy?

by Joybelle.
(Marietta, Georgia USA)

Brown Suga!

Brown Suga!

Am I crazy to spend countless hours making jewelry even though I have not had a sale quite some time? I get so much joy and peace out of my craft that I never stop to wonder what if I just did not make a piece of jewelry today or God forbid ever again!

The thought makes me shudder… So am I the only crazy person out in the jewelry world? For me, it’s not about the money, but just as I was led to this craft by the Holy Spirit, until I am told otherwise, I will be a crafting, crazy, jeweler!

Oh and yes! Now I am also a bead hoarder, think we can do a reality show on bead hoarding? No fights, just lots of jewelry making, bead swapping and loads of fun…


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