by Paul Mattson.
(Reno , Nevada U.S.A.)


So, I’m at my day job(on my day off !)attending a color and style conference. It was a good presentation of 2011 colors (Pinks, Purples, Greys, Greens and more – nothing really new .

But, on the style portion – a chair flipped across and I loved it ! It was in a Victorian style – trim, somewhat ornate – jewel tone colors on the fabric seat. But the back and sides(arms) were of a hammered metal with studs.

Its like the industrial revolution met Louie the 14th.

Needless to say – I  zoned out and got right into my first love – designing- and this is the first time its been shown in public.

It is our first attempt with the hammered metal look !

Please let us know what you think …

Paul and Sandy
Comments :

Unique and interesting
by: Leigh

This piece is a combination of unique and interesting attributes. Great job on the piece.

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