by Manuela Tufano.
(East Stroudsburg, PA)

I’ve been making and selling handmade beaded jewelry for almost 3 years. I find that the earrings are the toughest to show properly.

I’ve used some ideas that I’ve found here, but I had not been completely sold on anything.

Recently I was asked to donate something to a fundraiser that would be auctioned off. It will be held during the Christmas holidays, so I wanted to use a holiday theme.

I thought that the 12 Days of Christmas might be appropriate and I would show 12 pairs of earrings.

I also like to scrapbook and I used some of those supplies to make this display. I used foam board in a gold finish for the background and sparkly scrapbook paper for the earring holders.

I found the “12 days” in Microsoft on-line clip art and added the ovals.

I thought that this was such a wonderful way to display earrings that I made another display, without the 12 Days of Christmas theme, but still a winter theme for my next craft show.

I think I might make a different display for each season. It is a really easy way to transport the earrings and set it up at the show.

Manuela Tufano
Maximum Jewelry Design


Holiday earring displays
by: Rena

What a neat idea, Manuela, and a cool way to catch more attention for your earrings at the fundraiser event.

I especially like the way your long earrings hang on these boards – I find it difficult sometimes to get long earrings to show well, but they have lots of space to hang nicely on your displays here.

Very nice work with the clip art and scrapbooking supplies too.

And I love bringing pre-loaded displays to shows! It’s a tremendous time saver.

Do you use easels to stand the boards up?

Thanks so much for sharing these cool earring displays with us!

Additional info
by: Manuela

For the 12 Days of Christmas, I do have an easel holding up the board. But for the other holiday board, I scored the foam board and just bent back one side to create an easel effect. Just one less thing to carry when setting up.

Self-standing display board
by: Rena

Ah! Clever way to make the board free-standing! Thanks for sharing that.

by: letamariedesigns

Love your board. Something I may have to look into.

by: Janet

This is an attractive earring display.

earring display
by: Anonymous

Hi, I think you’re correct about displaying earrings. I used a Christmas Tree for my displays. But I like you’re idea of 12 days of Christmas. That way you can display different earrings for each day or take one color scheme. Good idea, bravo!!!
Lestyn Gilmore
The Dancing Beads

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