Why I Listen to My Intuition

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena
Video Episode 16

by Rena Klingenberg.

When my intuition kicked in during this emergency, I definitely became a believer in following its guidance!

Transcript of This Video:

I am fascinated with the topic of intuition.

I use my internal guidance a lot for my everyday life, my art, and my business.

And I want to share with you the event that really made me start listening to my intuition:

It was several years ago, when I thought I was going to be moving to this particular town, and a real estate lady was taking me around that town showing me different houses that day.

We looked at a whole bunch of houses in one day, and as it got toward twilight she was showing me the last house on our list.

When we got there, the people who were still living there happened to be home, so they were glad to have us there, and they showed us around all the special features of the house.

The lady of the house was taking us upstairs to look at this special room that she had just finished decorating.

But when we got to the top of the stairs, I suddenly had a panic attack. I mean, just absolutely flat-out sheer terror.

And all I could think was, “I have got to get out of this house. We’ve all got to get out of this house!”

And that’s not like me, to feel that way.

But I was suddenly very guided by it.

I didn’t want anyone to think I was weird, or that I didn’t appreciate the house – so I just said,

“You know, I didn’t get to see the back yard yet and I want to see it before it gets dark.”

So I kind of rushed everybody outside.

When we got out to the yard, I looked back at the house – and there was this stream of gray smoke coming out of the roof.

And shortly after that, some flames burst out of the roof!

It turned out that they had a propane-powered heater or water heater that was malfunctioning.

And in a very short time, the house was engulfed in flames.

The house was surrounded by these huge, gorgeous pine trees that were catching on fire because they were so close to the house.

We all stepped way back, and we called 911, and we had the volunteer fire department come to put out the fire.

It was so strange that we had been in the house a few minutes earlier, and now here we are out in the yard, watching it burn to the ground.

But that was the day that I really learned that I need to listen to my intuition – because it never steers me wrong.

Of course, intuition isn’t always a panic attack, and it isn’t always about something life threatening.

It can be about just small everyday matters.

It can be about design decisions in your art.

It can be what direction should you go with your business, or who you should work with – things like that.

For me, I find that my intuition comes in the form of a feeling.

I just feel that something’s right, or I feel that something isn’t right for me. Or in the case of the house fire, I felt panic!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with intuition.

If you use your intuition, how do you receive the messages?

Do you get a feeling, or do you hear a message, or do you just “know” something?

And then how do you follow it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on that!

I want to thank you for coming in today, and I’ll see you next time.

The Jewelry Rena’s Wearing
in This Video:

ocean jewelry by Rena Klingenberg

Abalone and Sterling Silver Wire Ring: Made by Rena Klingenberg.

Rainbow Mother of Pearl Earrings: Sterling silver wire work by Rena Klingenberg.

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  1. OMG, Rena – I’m so glad you got out of that house safely, and of course everyone else, too!

    Out of curiosity, I looked up the word intuition – “the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reason.” So we’re talking about knowledge or guidance happening on a level deeper than the mind.
    I receive that kind of knowledge or guidance in the form of a thought sometimes, but with the thought there is a feeling – a feeling of rightness, maybe joy, just a sense that this is the right thing for now. Sometimes it can be something I read, or hear someone say as well, or it can be in the words of a song.

    Sometimes, like you said Rena, it’s a feeling of connection with my heart, where I know something is right, or some kind of negative feeling, showing me something isn’t quite right.

    My source of inner guidance and knowledge has a name – God. I’m totally dependent on that wisdom and guidance right now, in all areas of my life, including my jewellery business. You talked about an emergency situation where that was so clear, because it needed to be. I’m needing that right now, because of a change in my personal situation that happened unexpectedly and impacted me greatly. One of my prayers has been for that leading in every moment of every hour of my day. I know it’s happening.

    The neat thing is, it’s still leading me to my art. It hasn’t taken me anywhere but to my jewellery and floral business at this point. And the thing is, when you receive this kind of guidance, you can either dismiss it and make a decision based on reason instead, or you can step out in trust, even when reason says it doesn’t make sense, and follow it. You did that when you felt the need to get out of the house, Rena, even when it didn’t make sense. That’s what I’m doing right now too. Even when it seems like an impossible situation, or not reasonable or wise. Or in the face of people who care about you suggesting you get an hourly or salaried job. I’m not opposed to that if that’s where I’m being led, but it hasn’t been that way for me at this point. I’m learning huge lessons of trust right now! But this is the way I’m committed to walking, and I know it’ll cause the highest purposes for my life to be fulfilled. And it’ll give me the greatest joy.

  2. So many times in the past I have ignored my intuition and gotten in trouble. It usually involves people, telling me not to deal with them. But then I end up giving the people the benefit of the doubt and get burned. A mechanic, an accountant, and more recently an attorney. The attorney was recommended to me by an acquaintance, but something is telling me to find another.

    It’s easier–for the moment–to just go with what you have and ignore that inner urging. It’s easy to tell yourself that there’s no concrete reason to avoid a course of action, that you’re just imagining things. It’s easy to be lazy.

    But just ignore your intuition on a few big issues, and you’ll soon learn to start paying attention.

  3. I use my intuition while making my jewelry. I use it as far as color choices, material choices and design based on it’s future owner. I know that sounds strange but I’ve seen it work more than once when someone would pick up a piece of my jewelry and you could see it was made just for them!

  4. Rena this was a beautiful testament of intuition. I call it the Holy Spirit guiding me through life. As you spoke of the fire I could only think of the blessings that remained because you listened and acted without the fear of or other wise discouragement of others.
    The blessing of life were numerous as we I can only image. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Tamara commented in her story that sometimes unexpected changes in life happen. When you follow this guidance your family and friends may not understand why your passion has the effect it has on your walk in life. It is the life some of us must follow as this is the way our message is told. I call them small blessings in jewelry boxes.

    I walked away from a well paying job, moved out of my house, and changed my life for the moment I get to spend designing jewelry and letting the ideas flow. It was not hard it was easier than waking up doing the nine to five it was stress free and something my doctor said I needed to rid myself of. After making a few pieces of jewelry and sharing them with others I could see how people would react, how this small gifted (given away) piece changed a person perception of their current situation, some would smile, cry and even laugh after receiving one of my small inspired pieces.

    During good or bad times it made me see I was doing what I was put here for, small jewelry pieces designed from intuition works every time or someones little timeless piece.

  5. Experience No. 1:

    I was looking for a new job and my main goal was to get a better pay after spending a few years building my skills and experience (this is a career that is not jewelry related… my “original” career). So I read this announcement in the local newspaper for a job that matched my skills and the place was extremely prestigious. I sent my CV, got a job interview and was immediately hired, and was asked to start on Monday.

    But the day I had to go to my first day of work, I had a terrible heavy feeling in my chest and heart and head. All I can tell you is that this was the first time in my life that I felt that kind of pain, that quality of pain to be particular; it felt like grief coupled with intense physical pain, and it felt like bullet, a piercing, heavy feelings, that actually made it hard for me to move, or breathe, or even think right. I felt lost, and I cried like something really terrible had happened – but of course I was aware the logically this was “weird.”

    I prayed, read religious text to calm me, but nothing worked. It persisted, and it persisted, but since the pay was great and the job was great, my “reason” told me to go to work.

    I dragged myself out, and I went to the office to realize I was the only employee under the command of a young man. His father was an ambassador, but he was a cheat, a playboy and a terrible sneaky person. He was my boss. He made me write, edit, and do his job – and right in front of me he told other seniors and diplomats in this institution that he did the work.

    One day, he came into the office and closed the door behind him and pulled his chair so close to me, and in this authoritative, abusive, sick voice, he told me that I have to understand that “whatever happens in this room should never get out of this room.” He told me he was the “father” of the department, and I was the “mother.” Of course the message is pretty obvious I guess. This happened exactly after spending one month at this office. I was terrified, sweating and knew that I had to get out of there, so I told him I needed to go to the bathroom, and he received a phone call, so I was cool to move.

    I took my bag with me, and I simply left that building and I left it forever. I didn’t answer his calls, nor the emails I got from him or the institution, I didn’t even go back to get my check, nor did I send anyone to do so. The heck with the money… I should have “listened” when that terrible feeling hit me. I didn’t include this “prestigious” institution in my future CV, nor did it matter to my career that I knew these people. I shut them out forever.

    The week after I felt liberated, and thankful, and grateful, that I got out of there in one piece, and I learned the lesson of following intuition brutally, against my ego and wishes and desires and reason, knowing with a firm belief that intuition is working for me, not against me, it is saving me.

    Experience No. 2:

    My mom and I were in London, going to a nearby town – where we stayed – by train. It was evening and we were going to catch the train before last that day. There were 45 minutes between the two trains, and a friend of mother’s was walking us to the train when he insisted to invite us to a cup of coffee at the station’s cafeteria, saying that we can leave on the following (and last) train.

    But I had a terrible feeling in my chest, and I felt gloomy about his suggestion and sick in my stomach and I refused his offer while mom felt a bit embarrassed by the way I was sort of rude and not moved by the “come on, you still have time” etc. This is exactly how I felt, I felt it was an offer of evil and that the friend wanted to harm us, and I felt I needed to protect both my mom and I. It was a precise message and a precise feeling.

    I firmly and sort of crazily said “I’m going on this train, and there is no changing that, I’m leaving on this train, and there is no negotiating that!” And I kept nodding my head, and I looked terribly serious. Of course the friend was offering a chat and coffee and maybe a snack, so it was pretty embarrassing to act this way, but there was no changing that. On the train, Mom reprimanded me for my odd and crazy behavior, which was uncalled for.

    Next morning I woke up early to the fact mom was receiving phone calls from everyone we knew to see whether we survived the “worst train wreck in Britain’s history,” as the media called it at the time.

    Shocking, I know. I think I’m about to cry. Two trains crashed into each other because the tracks didn’t switch at some point and the train that realized it didn’t go on the track it was supposed to switch to wasn’t able to stop.

    We saw all the wreaths and placed flowers at the station and went and lit a candle and prayed for the victims and their families. It took rudeness to save our lives, but it was intuition’s word against the temptation of a snack.

    My advice, be firm with intuition, don’t get swayed, don’t be embarrassed or go to places your intuition tells you not to go to. Don’t listen to any “come ons,” or ‘it’s just one drink,” you never know what harm you’re dodging when you go by your original intuition.

  6. Rena, I believe our “intuition” is the Lord’s way of getting us to listen! Many years ago, when my now almost 19 yr. old son was a baby, we were driving to my folks’ house. At the intersection at the top of their street, there’s a trip for the light. Usually, in order to get a green, you have to run over the trip and wait for the green.

    On this particular day, I saw it was green and I was going to make it! Growing up on that street, it was almost like a game to see how often you could actually catch the light! Well, I was smiling and thinking, “This is great! I don’t have to spend five minutes waiting for the green”. All of a sudden, as clear and loud as if someone in the passenger seat yelled it, I heard, “STOP THE CAR!”. So I stopped!

    Just then, a man driving a pickup flew through the intersection, running the red light. He would have T-boned us and I’m positive my son would have been killed, as he was in the rear, passenger side, in his car carrier. There’s no way he would have lived had that truck hit us at the speed he was traveling.

    Call it intuition, call it a miracle. I know what I heard, and I’ve never forgotten it. There have been too many times over the years that when I’ve ignored my intuition, everything went to hell…so now I make sure I go with my gut!

    Did you ever consider you might be a sensitive? Have you had any other experiences when you “just knew” things? Boy, could we have a day long conversation on this topic! I’m just so glad you followed your instinct to get everyone out. You never did say…did you finally tell them the real reason you herded them outside? I bet they wouldn’t call you crazy after you saved their lives!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  7. I love that intuition. Although sometimes it’s just paranoia. However, I did feel it one time quite strongly. I was sitting with my brother in law, his pre-school son and mine. We were watching a fireworks display, sitting on a gravel pit. Something suddenly made me think we weren’t safe and he looked at me at the same time. We hastily moved ourselves. Seconds later some fireworks fell over and flew horizontally into the spot we had been sitting in. We just stood and looked at each other, then at the the spot we had nearly been shot at with fire balls. Funny, we never spoke a word about it to each other again. I feel like Yoda…..”feel the force within you” hahahaha

  8. Jane (Eastern Ontario) says:

    This isn’t about a life and death situation, but it does go along with acting on your intuition.
    The craft sales I’ve been attending all fall have been less than successful. Even the other vendors have complained of mediocre sales. Of course, being a bit of a pessimist, I took my ‘lack of sales’ personally. I decided that it must be something I’m doing wrong. So, adopting some advise that Rena had offered: “believe in yourself and YOUR creative ability”, I re-vamped my selling strategy and believe it or not, the next show I QUADRUPLED my sales! Thank you Rena!

  9. I’m glad you followed your intuition, Rena! I’m sure that’s something you do often. I think most creative people are also extremely sensitive and in tune with themselves, their feelings and their surroundings. Although I’m very analytic and question everything, I always act on the side of instinct. I just know things and I follow what this knowing tells me even when it doesn’t make sense.

  10. I thanks you Rena for sharing this special story., come on your website for the first time today. See your intuition as a precious gift. I tell here about on my website and weblog.
    ateliervoorhelendekunst.blogspot.com I write this reply with a translation computer since I the English language not enough management. I wish you and all of you Blessed Christmas and a spiritual 2013.

    Warm regards Syta

  11. I am a person who likes to help animals and people. In my younger days, I would ignore my intuition on people and as another artist said, I would get “burned.” Most often this “help” just took the form of a friendship, occasionally small amounts of money (I was in college and thankfully didn’t have large amounts of money!!)

    In my last year of college, my mother and I started getting closer and having more meaningful talks. We tlked about intuition. She has amazing intuition and she too, in her younger days would ignore it and have it get her in trouble. Since she wanted be to be independant, make my own decisions, etc, she had never said anything about her intuition with these people until after the fact. I understand and respect that. But it was coming to a time where I needed to learn to trust my intuition – but I had been becoming closed off to everyone, not trusting ANYONE because of being hurt so many times. My mom and I made a deal (I’m the one who brought it up and asked her). I would ask her about her intuition on people going forward and she would be brutally honest with me when I asked. If I didn’t ask, she wouldn’t say anything unless she could feel that it was really going to be bad. It turned out that my intuition is just as good as hers, I just had to learn to listen to it.

  12. Intuition – how I’ve learned to base my parenting skills with one of my sons. He is non-verbal. He cannot communicate. It has taken me years to learn to follow the intuition – types of therapy – specific doctors – individual therapists to come and help at home – types of medications – types of education – activities – everything – the words I choose to comfort him…. He is 18 now.

    I’m glad I’ve learned to listen to my intuition for his best interest. It has homeschooled him. It has given him a “happy” (I can only hope and pray) life thus far. He is a very well behaved young man for his specific disabilities (three diagnoses in the highest forms of severity).

    I have learned to listen. Finally. There are still days, weeks and yes even months where nothing seems to be going right… but then if it wasn’t for my intuition – he would never be beading today…. he gave me hints indeed! (Such as carrying around swarovski crystals in the craft store and stimming on them the way the light hit each bead and facet)….

    I listened to inside (probably God) and figured out that he could do something better than look at the reflective light from the beads that I would buy for him – thus – we started to hand over hand stringing them on beading wire – one at a time – one day at a time – there are days this is all he can do to relax himself – the meds don’t even work.

    So thankfully – I pray that this “intuition” will help in the future. We are having a rather rough patch of a few months… I need to stop crying and try to listen… Thank you for this Rena. xoxox

  13. Linda Mathiesen says:

    Hi Rena,
    My intuition tells me, to tell you that you look great in that blue sweater, and a good cut for you.
    Another time my intuition told me something: I was going on interrail at southern Europe by myself. Living in Denmark/Copenhagen, I had visited a friend at her place here, to talk about my visit at her place in Pourtugal. She had a part of an apartment in middle of nowhere down there…… When I left her that night to go home, something right away on the way home in the bus, struck me, something would happen if I went there. Ok, so of on my trip around Europe. Thinking of my friend a lot that I was going to visit in Poutugal, it still felt strange……. I came to Arles´ – Van Goghs town….. and stayed for 2 nights, on the last night it was the worst of the worst storms and just really bad rain, I even looked out of my hotel room to see if people were evacuating…..of course no one was….. On that trip I was keeping a journal, and remember writing to myself, that I was not going to Pourtugal, I was sure something would happen to me. The next day I wrote a post card to my friend, saying that I was not coming to visit her. Anyway, went on my trip around Europe, and back to Denmark 2 weeks later. When I came home there was a postcard from my friend in Portugal. She wrote that she was really disappointed that I didn´t come to visit her, she had really looked forward to my visit. At the end of the postcard she wrote: I just got a call from home, my mom is dead, I have to go home immediately………
    So I could have been dropped of at the middle of nowhere with bus or cab, and have no idea what to do…….. So I am so glad for that thunder bad weather in Arles, and intuition.

  14. Wow, what a message! I have learned from experience to trust my instincts. They have never steered me wrong. I just seem to “know” things. When I was younger, I told myself it was I was just over imaginative. Now I know better. I feel the atmosphere change, I sense others internal emotions and I listen. I trust myself now. There is a lot to be said for getting older 🙂

  15. I feel so lucky to come across this site.
    I use my intuition in my jewelry design.
    I can always sense when someone has bad energy.

  16. Annie says:

    I’ve had the ability to sense things since I was a little kid but didn’t really understand it until later in adulthood. It’s usually a feeling I get, but a couple of times I would actually hear a statement in my head. A few times, it’s gotten me out of a very dangerous situation because I did listen to it.
    A few times, I’ve ended up in some very unhappy situations because I didn’t. I’ve worked hard over the last 10 years to pay more attention and listen to it, even when others have criticized me. I’ve still been swayed a couple of times (one of those unhappy situations was more recently) but have come to feel that the lesson I’m supposed to be learning in this life is to learn to trust that feeling and act on it, so I just keep trying. Creatively, I think the best pieces I’ve made have come from a feeling I get. It seems to take me longer to make something if I’m working at it intentionally.

  17. Rena that was an awesome story. I am happy that you listened to your intuition.Very often people do not listen just to please others or afraid that someone will say that it is weird ,
    I do not think it is necessary to tell why you want to do whatever you are hearing intuitively. Most of my ” One Of A Kind ” creations are guided by my intuition . It comes either very early rifht after I wake up from a night’s rest or late at night after midnight.If I do follow what I am seeing intuitively at night, I try to make right away. The next day when I see the creation I can hardly believe I made it .
    I enjoy making unique One of a Kind Jewelry for my shop. Then there are days that nothing comes to mind . But that’s OK. I rest.
    Thanks to all for sharing their stories.

  18. Ginger Wall says:

    I hate clothes shopping so when I do, I take a ton of clothes to the change room, try them all on and buy the ones that look the best. That way I don’t have to do it often. Once I spent alot of time choosing a cart full of clothes but part way through trying them on I suddenly had a strong feeling that I needed to go home RIGHT NOW! I had no idea why. I got dressed and just left everything behind. When I parked in my driveway my son poked his head out of my front porch with a huge grin and said, “I see you got my message.” It was 35 degrees below in a Canadian winter. He had stepped outside his dad’s apartment building for a second and got locked out. He couldn’t get anyone’s attention to get back in. He had on only a t-shirt, jeans and socks. He walked about 15 blocks to my home in the bitter cold only to find that I was not home and he of course didn’t have his key. So he said “I sent you a message to come home” – I don’t know how but I received his message loud and clear.

  19. Thanks Rena for sharing! I can only imagine how unnerving yet amazing that experience was. Your intuition helped to not only save your own life but the lives of others as well!
    Intuition comes to me in all the above mentioned; I’m sure it does in a lot of us we just don’t always pay attention. What I try to instill in my kids is to always go with their gut; to notice when something doesn’t feel right and not to let fear prevent them from going against their inner knowing. I will definitely be sharing this story with them to reaffirm the importance of always going with your gut!

  20. Hi Rena, it’s me again. This is a wonderful topic to have brought up. It all started with me at age 2 – in soggy diapers. I recall it quite clearly and it only goes underground when I have to be seriously grounded (pun intended).

    I won’t go into the thousands (really) of things that my husband and I have experienced. “Sensitive, empaths, mediums” etc… seem to tap into the Akashic Records, i.e. all information is recorded and available to any and all of us at any time. One can study this, actually, to enhance one’s ability to hone our natural skills. Unfortunately, many people are nay sayers(sp?) and can actually be cruel. I’ve learned (as unfortunately children do at such an early age when they are really open) to just observe it and listen, feel, sense, see etc… We seem to be just so covered over, like an onion, that we don’t give it the credence it deserves. We really need to trust it. But just as on this plane of existence there are negative entities, there are also those in the metaverses. One thing I learned early on that intuition has never failed me and to help it and me along to do a quick respectful affirmation: “I only attract the highest and best”. Another one that helps me is to ask Spirit, or one’s higher self or whatever one believes in is, when asking – again with humility and thankfulness – for something is to ALWAYS ask that I recognize it when it comes to me and to be thankful.

    There are many belief systems, all valid, that have words to describe where it comes from. In some ways it matters, and in someways it really doesn’t as long as it is positive energy and we are respectful.

    Again, thanx for such great wisdom and character,

  21. Betsy, your affirmation: “I only attract the highest and best” – brilliant! I am going to make that a daily mantra. Thank you! 🙂

  22. Thanx for responding, I have great fondness already for you. Maybe that’s my intuition calling?

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