Tip for Beading with Fishing Line

by Merinda.
(Luckhoff, Free State, South Africa)


It’s always hard to see the tip of the fishing line when stringing beads. Do the following:

Use a black permanent marker and mark the tip of the fishing line (the side that you will be using to feed the bead).

Leave a couple of seconds to dry and Wala!!!!

Now it will be easier to feed the beads onto the line.



Making the fishing line visible
by: Rena

Brilliant idea, Merinda – and what an eye-saver. Thanks so much for sharing this beading tip with us!

I love smart, simple, quick fixes like this.

Beading with Fishing Line
by: Beverly

I, too, use fishing line for my designs. It’s wonderful to use especially, if you know people that loves jewelry but is allergic to metals. One problem I have found is sometimes the line will stretch causing gaps in my necklaces or may slide loose from my crimps. Since, I have been using the wire guards, my problem is minimized and the wire guards, to me, adds an elegant finish to my pieces. This tip I will keep in mind. Thanks,

Beverly Holman
BooCee’s Jewelry
by: Natasha

What a brilliant idea – so simple when you think about it – why didn’t we all think of that?! 🙂

fishing line gaps
by: Cyreathia

Beverly – to keep the fishing line from stretching – do not hang the jewelry and instruct your customers to do the same.

It is the weight of the beads/gems when the necklace is hanging is what causes the stretching and pulling from the crimps.

If you are making bracelets/necklaces using the magnetic barrel clasps, you can use a lighter and burn the ends to form a ball as well.

sweetener container to hold seed beads
by: Merinda

Thank you so much for all your nice comments on my post…
Dit you know that you can use a sweetener container for seed beads and drop them out one by one as you need them, just like you’ll be dropping out the sweetener tablets into your coffee or tea.
Does any know where to sell patterns, I’m writing a magazine with step by step projects and basic stuff in but I don’t have the finance to put into advertising I have done 3 books so far and are busy with the fourth you can see more on www.wiggiebead.snazibuy.com

I tried it.
by: Patsy

I tried a good while back to paint the black marker on the end of the “cat gut” because I could never see it either. All I accomplished was getting ink on my fingers. I thought I had thoroughly let it dry. Maybe I should try again
sometime. Did you use the marker for fabrics?

Thanks for telling those who didn’t know.

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  1. what millimeter of monofilament fishing line should I use for making earrings. I have just started making paper beads and I am at a complete loss as most sites give their measuerments in pounds and I have bought monofilament fishing line in millimeter. I would really be grateful if you can guide me. Thank you.

  2. Cheryl, thanks for asking! You can do a quick google search for “convert monofilament from pounds to mm” – and find simple charts that show you the millimeters for monofilament pound sizes. Here’s one chart I found, using that quick search:

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