The Raindrops Bracelet

by Neena Shilvock.
(Nuneaton, United Kingdom)



Made of copper wire and silver lined seed beads placed in free-form wire work, with a crackle glazed bead dangle to ensure the clasp does not ride up over the wrist, this is a stylish way to wear a copper bracelet if you suffer from rheumatism and arthritis – or even if you don’t.


Varnished to prevent discoloration of the skin or patination of the copper, the clasp has a safety chain to prevent accidental loss of the bracelet.

Neena Shilvock
Caprilicious Jewellery


Great idea
by: Leigh

Great ideas on making the clasp so that it cannot get lost. I also like the beading details throughout as it gives it a little extra something.

by: Cory

Very pretty bracelet…that bit of sparkle is a plus.

Raindrops in copper
by: Rena

I like how the “raindrops” are almost hidden – barely sparkling out here and there from the wire.

The safety chain is a neat touch too – I don’t see that often on handmade bracelets.

by: Neena Shilvock

Thanks Rena – I added the safety chain after losing one of my bracelets – was heartbroken -I love the raindrops too

by: rehmat jamal

its really very pretty and i think you should try one with silver wire with both white and midnite blue sparkly stones for the idea of a romantic midnite rain .

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