The Perfect Necklace Holder

by Linda Harrison.
(Nampa Idaho, US)

Custom cardstock necklace holder - ready to hang on a hook

How to Make This
Easy Necklace Holder / Hanger:

You take cardstock in pretty colors or designs (whatever suits your design or display) and cut it in 4″x2″ strips.

You can take your cardstock to Office Depot or Office Max or any store like that, and they will cut it in strips for you at very little cost – and they are even. 🙂

Closeup of punching partial holes on sides of cardstock strip

Fold one of these strips in half.

Now it open up again.

On each edge of the crease, punch out a hole so it goes off the paper .

Now thread the necklace through these holes.

Fold the strip again on the fold line with the necklace inside, and staple at the top.

Just below the staple, punch a hole in the middle for hanging.

Closeup of finished necklace holder - with optional holes for matching earrings

(Optional: punch two extra holes to hold matching earrings, as shown in photo.)

Put a small label with your name on it, and there ya have it – ready to hang on any hook.

Linda Harrison
Linders Beaded Creations


Nifty necklace holder / tag
by: Rena

This is really a clever idea, Linda! A great way to tag necklaces and make them hangable at the same time!

I especially like the versatility of being able to package and display the matching earrings along with the necklace.

amazing idea
by: asteria

This is such a great idea, I’ve been thinking of ways to label my jewellery and will definitely give this a go!thanks for sharing with us!

Necklace Holder
by: Linda Stewart

That’s a pretty nifty idea!! I have a custom rubber stamp of my logo that I use on my jewelry tags. I was trying to figure out how to put earring/necklace sets on tags. Thanks for doin’ the figuring!

Necklace holder
by: Kathleen Davis

What a great idea! Its simple, cost effective and can be done in so many different colors. You are very clever!

Clever idea
by: Carman B

Really good looking idea.
I always have a hard time displaying necklaces along with earrings. I will try your idea.
Thanks for sharing!

Necklace holder
by: Lynne Cirillo

Love it!!!! So simple, love when I can display sets , this would work well with bracelet/earring sets, or alone. Thanks for sharing!

So easy and inventive
by: Shannon

What a great idea and simple to execute! Putting the pieces together makes it easy to complete the sale without having to hunt for the earrings. Thanks for such an inventive way to display..

by: Angie S

What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you.
by: HippieChick

God bless you and thank you. I have recently begun building my jewelry business. Talk about operating on a shoestring budget! Your idea is simple, creative, effective and for me it costs nothing because I already have those materials on hand. The first one was just for practice. Now that I have the hang of it, I will put my own personalized touch on the cards to help advertise my business. Again thank you!

How do you hang your cards?
by: Elsie

This is a great idea – I have a small suggestion re: the extra holes for earrings – you may want to use a head pin instead of a hole punch to make the holes as the earrings will “stay put” easier.

I would love to use this idea but was unsure how to hang your card. Do you have a board already made with hooks? or perhaps a wire display unit?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

La Boite a Bijoux (no web site yet, but on Facebook!)

Answer on how to hang
by: Linders beaded creations

I hang these on a rack i recently threaded pretty colored ribbon through the card for display for a venue i was a. The earrings dont go allthe way through they slip inside the card if they are fish hook earrings.
Glad you all like my idea i am getting ready to post another my husband is making for transporting your necklaces.
Have a great day all happy beading

Personalization and Transporting Suggestion
by: Sue Trainor

I think this is a WONDERFUL idea! Thank you so much! I have been going crazy trying to find some good ideas. I have two suggestions to add.

1.On the back of mine I used address labels that I have designed myself on Vistaprint to put my information on.

2.When transporting, you can place the necklaces in a tiny ziplock bag so that only the cardboard holder is hanging out. You can still transport them however you were planning, but with the necklace itself in the plastic bag, they won’t get tangled up with others.



by: Linda

I sell necklaces and earring separate but to be honest i have never known a woman thatdiesnt want a matching set ha ha but if she does then its what the customer wants 🙂

One more suggestion
by: Sue Trainor

I used your idea, but started using my business cards folded in half. That way the cards were all uniform in size. Then another brainstorm…I changed my business card design on Vistaprint ( so that when I fold it in half, my logo and informaion is on one side and the other side is blank. You can then use whichever side you choose to face the customer. I then covered a framed corkboard with black foam (you can use anything) and use clear push pins to hold them in place. I purchased an inexpensive easel to hold the board, but if you have someplace in your display that you can lean it against, that works just as well…or let the board lay flat.
You can also use long piece of elastic stretched across the board to hold them in place.
Thank you again for sharing your idea.

Watercolor heavy paper for Holders
by: MarKateLiz Designs

Your idea is great. I purchased a Strathmore Watercolor cold press heavy paper. One can use it as is or you can watercolor it the color you want and proceed to the cutting, etc. For a more professional look, I thought glueing the folded strips is better than stapling it.

Thank you for your inexpensive and creative idea.


Hanging Racks Idea
by: Jenna

This year the Christmas ornaments that they sold at a small retail store near me came in boxes with small metal standing racks inside. The management allowed me to have these small standing displays when the Christmas sale was over. They were going to throw them away. They will be perfect for hanging these cards on. Thank you!

hanging rack idea
by: Anonymous

How nice Jenna that you got those racks glad the idea worked for you bet it looks great on your rack happy selling

Necklace Holder
by: Carol

As soon as I seen the picture of your necklace holder I said “duh” that is what I have been trying to come up with to hold the necklace/earring sets I make. Thank you for the idea, it is a simply GREAT idea. 🙂

necklace holder
by: Leona

How…this is just what I was looking for…many thanks for the great idea and instructions!!!!

Amazingly Simple, Effective and Creative
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for this idea. It is versitle, inexpensive and I plan on using it!

by: Toni

Thank You, Linda

I have been using card stock, but not like this. This is a terrific idea. ( :

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  1. PhyllisC says:

    Thanks Linda for the great Idea; I’ve been struggling with trying to display my lanyards; This works great. Also love the idea of changing my business card to use; will have to play with that one!

  2. PhyllisC says:

    Linda, have you posted the idea yet on transporting jewelry?? Would really like to see that one too! 🙂

  3. This idea worked great for me. I covered a corkboard in white lace, and hung mine with clear push pins one on each side. I hung my earrings in the middle of the necklace. After I filled my boards, I slipped them each in a big green trash bag and nothing fell off. I print my own on cardstock with my logo, cut them apart, and pin them up. It is a perfect solution. Thanks for the idea. I may make some material covers instead of the trash bags.

  4. I’ve also been using vertically printed business cards for earrings and necklace support. When I fold them in half I have info on both ends of the card: logo on one end, contact info facing other way. If the item is a gift the card adds to it.

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