Taking The Plunge with a New Selling Venue

by Cindi Bernloehr.
(United States)

I have been selling my original hand-made jewelry at art/craft shows and weekly Farmer’s markets for 4-5 years.

Setting up

Setting up

It has truly been a journey of love, sweat, and hard work but I have enjoyed all aspects from creating jewelry to the social interaction with customers.

I felt I was ready to move into a more stable environment and was selected to participate in a local retail venture. Winter Garden, FL is a small town with a great vibe and they just built an artisan brewery and indoor market called Plant Street Market.

Getting Started

Getting Started

There are about 20 craft showcases and shop vendors with food and products and no duplicates. (I know you all can appreciate being the “only jewelry” vendor)

I now had a new challenge of creating a setup that would be permanent and use more “UP”space rather than just tables. I ended up buying new unfinished cabinets and banging the heck out of them before painting and staining to create the “old” look.

My Dream

My Dream

I also wanted concrete counters for the rustic feel. Regular metal pipes completed the look by becoming my light rod and additional hanging space in my window. I was lucky to find some cool rustic hardware and matching spindles for hanging display.

I take my loaded displays down at night and lock them in my cabinets. I put out framed pictures of my jewelry so any late night customers (from the brewery) can see what I have to sell and come back when I am open.

Closed Layout

Closed Layout

I am also planning to hold a monthly Make & Take class for a mommie & me or girls night out.

I wanted to share because if you keep trying new things you don’t grow old as fast. And you have lots more fun with all the WORK stuff.

Cindi Bernloehr
WoodStone Jewelry
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  1. Congratulations on this great new opportunity, Cindi! And what a fun, creative chance to design a whole new display system. Your new setup looks great – appealing, rustic, professional. I also love your idea of putting out framed pics of your jewelry for the times when your work isn’t on display! It’s so great to hear about all the new things you’re doing – keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Hi Cindi, I think your ‘shop’ is really attractive. I like the idea of the photo’s of your work on the shelves for late night browsing. Very good idea. Congratulation and hope you will be happy in your new home. Kate

  3. Sue Shade says:

    What a great set up. Congratulations on your new opportunity.

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