Supplier Doesn’t Sell the Beads I Need

by Crissey.

Brand New Etsy Shop - How to Make SalesI just found out that my supplier no longer carries the beads I need for wholesale line that I’m working on.

They have similar products, but they may be a shade or two different than what I have been using. However, the alternatives are more appropriate for the look I’m going for.

How do I handle this with my client?


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  1. Just be honest with the client. Send them photos of the new product. I’ve had this happen with wedding orders and everything worked out.

  2. I agree with Mary. It’s always best to just be straight with the client and let them know immediately about any changes. Everyone understands that things get discontinued, and that you have no control over that factor. And it’s possible that your client may like the new beads even more than the original ones.

  3. Phyllisc says:

    Echo the same here – it happens, and there certainly isn’t anything we can do if supplier decides not to sell something or quits making it. My customers are usually very amenable to the change, and 9 times out of ten will be fine or even happier with the new, updated, “special” item you found 🙂 for them. It all depends on how to decide to approach telling them; I don’t apologize, I just tell them I have something even “nicer, Prettier, better” for them. If, by some ODD chance your customer gets angry or upset, apologize and refund ( if applicable); I think I have had this happen 1 time in my 3 1/2 years…..

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