Stamping on Plated Metals?

by Sofia.

Stamping on Plated Metals? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I´m planning to start my own business on Etsy, I have bought the metal stamps, now I´m on the stage of deciding what metal to start with.

I have been doing some research and aluminium, stainless steel should be affordable to start with, however I would also like to offer a bit of higher quality items.

I´m indecisive between gold / silver plated metals and gold filled / sterling silver.

Do you have any experience stamping on plated metals? does the plated coat comes off when using metal stamps? As this plated metals would be more affordable to start with, and maybe in the future I can upgrade to gold filled/sterling silver.

Any advise would be highly appreciated! 🙂



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  1. Hi Sofia! I have done a bit of stamping, and here’s what I know: I don’t like the way aluminum feels, for jewelry, so I use Silver FILLED blanks. The silver content is thicker on the SF items, compared to plated, and you will get a much nicer result. I’ve not tried stamping on gold, but I would guess that gold-filled would be a better option for the same reason. The SF items do cost a little more than plated, but the minimal cost difference is worth it to me. I found a great supplier on Etsy, and often Rio Grande has sales on the sterling blanks so you can get them at a reasonable price. Beware of stamping on stainless steel! Unless you buy the very high-end stamps, the steel will ruin your stamps! PJ Tool has some great information on stamping for beginners, if you’ve never heard of them here is a link to their FAQ.

    I hope this helps! Happy Stamping 🙂

  2. I would also encourage you to stay away from steel – it can’t be softened the way non-ferrous metals can, by applying heat. I use steel in my jewelry, but for things other than stamping – it’s so hard to apply any kind of texture to it.

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