How to Make a Delicate Name-Stamped Metal Cuff for a Tiny Wrist?

by Patrick P.

How to Make a Delicate Name-Stamped Metal Cuff for Tiny Wrist?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I need some advice.

I would like to make a stamped sterling bracelet with a name.

The person I am making it for has very small wrists. Much like myself, my family has very small wrists.

My mother is 5 1/4 inch round, sister, 5 1/2, me 5 3/4.

It is not easy to find anything for myself, or them.

I want to stamp a sterling “cuff-like” bracelet with names.

However, I am having trouble finding which gauge of Sterling Sheet I should use.

I do not want a wide band. I am thinking something along the lines of bezel wire, about 1/4 inch wide with 1/8 stamp??

This is what stumps me.

I need a decent width, stamping that I can read a name (of course using sharpie or LOS for highlight) but I don’t want a gauge so thick that it is chunky looking.

I want something that is more delicate and feminine.

If it were a regular, average size wrist circumference, this may not be as difficult. I thought bezel wire because it would be easier, comes in predetermined lengths and widths, and gauge.

I can almost always find a solution from my library stash or Internet, but this time I am stumped. Thanks!

Patrick P.

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