Saks Fifth Avenue Inspiration

by Irina Collister.
(Matawan, New Jersey USA)

Carnelian and silver necklace

Carnelian necklace with handmade silver wire detail.

Hi! I am Irina Collister. About two years ago I started making jewelry. I posted picture of my first earrings here, on Rena’s website some time in January 2012 ( it was carnelian, green aventurine and sterling silver ), and now I opened my store on Etsy.

I always been creative. I have Architectural degree, and used to work in artistic field – fashion, sawing, knitting, ceramic, to name few… And I love to work with my hands. Even if I have to go somewhere by the train, I’ll take with me some yarn and needles, and will knit, otherwise it would be boring – spent one hour without doing something interesting!

So, how I started making jewelry? I always loved jewelry since my childhood. About three years ago I went to Jewelry Trunk-Show in New York in Saks Fifth Avenue and was so impressed by what I saw!

Carnelian and green aventurine necklace with sterling silver chain.

Carnelian and green aventurine necklace with sterling silver chain.

After that Show I just wanted to find out how strands of beads connected and attached to clasps, and googled it! I decided to try to make something myself, and THAT WAS IT! I WAS HOOKED! I was born and grew up in the Middle Asia region, and in my designs you can see influence of Asian culture.

It is because I am fascinated of Asian art and jewelry forever, I just adore it! ( If you are curious about Asian Jewelry, I would recommend to search online for jewelry from Turkmenistan, country I am from. I think, you will open for you something new and beautiful, never seen before.)

There is a lot of work ahead for me, and a lot of ideas in the air, and I’d like to learn more and more about jewelry making, but I just want to share with you and to show you what I have done!

Carnelian necklace with handmade silver wire detail.

Carnelian necklace with handmade silver wire detail.

NECKLACE ON THE FIRST picture made with carnelian beads and sterling silver wire detail in Asian style, made recently. I made wire detail using 18 ga sterling silver wire. Chain and clasp also are sterling silver.

ANOTHER NECKLACE is my first necklace what I made about one year and a half ago – carnelian and green aventurine with sterling silver chain. Thank you very much for your time. Hope you like what you see.

Irina Collister
IrinaDesignsLLC at Etsy

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  1. Your jewelry is beautiful. Good luck!

  2. Thank you, Anna!

  3. Very Pretty! I love carnelian. All the best.

  4. Thank you Cora very much. I wish the best to everyone!

  5. Sharanne says:

    I checked out some of your items on Etsy and am impressed. It must take patience to make your beautiful necklaces, as they are so intricate. You have a very lovely style and I hope you do well with your sales. I really love the garnet and jasper necklace and the carnelian and black agate necklace you have on Etsy. Best wishes!

  6. Sharanne, thank you for your comment! I appreciate it and happy that people like my creations. I wish you too all the best!

  7. I think this is absolutely beautiful! I love the pieces, good luck with your business endeavors and sales!!!

  8. Thank you, Fajah very much to take time and look at my jewelry. All I want it’s to make beautiful things. I enjoy doing that soooo much!

  9. I just don’t like it, I love it!! Amazing necklaces…. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. Thank you, Arely! I am very pleased…

  11. Alice in Georgia says:

    Love your work! I hope you do well on Etsy. You have great skills for only working with metal for such a brief time. I must check out your Etsy store…Congratulations, and keep up the good work. I also do a variety of crafts, but have had to temporarily reduce my working on jewelry, due to having some family issues and things to deal with out of state. Once all that is settled, I hope to spend more time in my workroom. Your work is very inspiring and best wishes for your continuing success.

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