Product that Prevents Jewelry from Tarnishing?

by Danielle.
(Las Vegas)

A Product that Prevents Jewelry Tarnishing?  Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have a jewelry obsession and I’m finally going to ask a question I’ve wanted to for 20 years.

I’ve recently been making jewelry and I figure there would be no one better to ask than you.

Is there a product that will prevent jewelry from tarnishing?

I’ve tried to avoid any metals that will tarnish & bought jewelry that could, expecting to throw it away in the past.

This is no happy way to live, & I bet there is something available, but I just never asked.

Well, I got a ring that I love so much now, I won’t wear it at this point in fear of it tarnishing.

Please if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it, as my other plan is to buy a bunch more to keep in stock.


Danielle Overholt

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  1. Danielle, I hear you about what a pain tarnish can be! Here are some of the best ways I’ve found to avoid or minimize tarnish: Prevent Tarnish on Jewelry. And be sure to read the comments below that post for more great tarnish-busting tips from other jewelry artists!

    And I would also love to hear about any products that prevent jewelry from tarnishing.

  2. Marlies says:

    Sidewalk chalk in a Ziploc bag with your jewelry should keep it from tarnishing. Hope this helps.

  3. Cindy Winkler says:

    Hi, I work mainly with copper and after I clean and harden my finished pieces in a tumbler I spray them with a clear gloss sealer that I buy in the spray paint section of the hardware store. Works great and keeps them from tarnishing/oxidizing. I explain to my customers my process and call it “tarnish resistant”.

  4. I researched this a lot on the web and many of the recommendations were for Everbrite. I ordered some from their website and was very impressed with the product and their customer service. They sent me emails asking if I had any questions and was I happy with the product. Rare in these days. And yes, it works beautifully!

  5. I second Carols recommendation of Everbrite from Protectaclear. They just started selling on Amazon but also sell through their website. Their customer service is second to none.

  6. Valerie says:

    Glad to hear about Everbrite. I purchased some a year ago and still haven’t used it!

  7. When I can find them, I use non-tarnish tabs with my jewelry.

  8. I, too, have been frustrated by the problem of tarnish. When I sell a piece of wire jewelry I include a pretty gift bag in which I’ve enclosed a piece of silver cloth and instruct the customer that keeping the piece wrapped in the cloth will retard the patina. However, a spray protection would be wonderful! Can the Everbrite be safely used on glass/crystal beads and other commonly used jewelry embellishments. I await your answers and thank you.

  9. Maryla says:

    Here’s the Everbrite page for jewelry:

    PDF for use on jewelry:

    They recommend ProtectaClear for jewelry. It can be used on silver, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, metal clay, beads, stones, minerals, and over a patina. Should not be used on pearls, opal, soft plastic and nonmetal stringing materials. It’s safe to use on skin and I’ve used it on earwires with no problem although I don’t know if it’s hypoallergenic. So far, it’s lasted for years on my jewelry. It dries so clear and thin that I really have to inspect an item closely to see if it’s on there. It can stiffen chains so I flex the chain after it’s dry to loosen it up. Read the reviews for how to hang a necklace for best results. Cleaning the metal with the MAAS polish really does an exceptional job of cleaning and shinning. It doesn’t need to be neutralized just wiped with denatured alcohol (from hardware store) before before the ProtectaClear is applied. The ProtectaClear will last for years in a closed container.

  10. Linda Dessommes says:

    Maryland, thanx for the info. I will definitely get some ProtectaClear and give it a try. This sounds like exactly what I need to prevent tarnish on my brass pieces. Thanx again!

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