Oyster Dolphin Pendant: A Gift From the Sea

by Liz.
(Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

Long story short – I lost my job when my position was eliminated in June 2011. I am very fortunate my family has property (since 1936!) in Nags Head and was able to spend some time there. One of my favorite things to watch is when the dolphins come close to shore to play.

A gift from the sea

That day, they were swimming just beyond the breakers, diving and leaping – I could almost see their grins. Very soothing to a broken heart (I really, really, really loved my job).

As always, I was also looking for flotsam and jetsam I could use in my jewelry and found this broken oyster shell. I picked it up and then tossed it back down, thinking it was just a piece of shell. It fell in the exact position depicted in the picture – a dolphin.

I took it as an omen (though, for what I’m not sure – I still don’t have a full-time job!). I brought it home, carefully drilled a hole in it with my trusty Dremel for the cord and, to keep the color, sprayed one coat of Krylon gloss glaze. I didn’t even make the eye!

Bonus – I’ve already sold it! I didn’t want to but it’s a woman I know and she’ll give it a good home!

elfstones by liz

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  1. This is a beautiful dolphin pendant, Liz! I can understand why you had a hard time letting it go. And I loved your idea of putting the Krylon glaze on it. I’d never thought of that for shells, but it really enhances it.

    Thank you for sharing the story of your find too. Isn’t it just so neat when those situations happen when we’re nursing a broken heart? I totally understand, and could put myself in your feeling place.

  2. Hi Tamara,
    Thank you so much for the compliment – having seen your jewelry, it doubles the value. I’ve also tumbled a few sturdy ones. Both work well but the Krylon glaze is much easier and has faster results. What surprised me was my Dremel (I’m such a toolhead – the Dremel is, to date, the best-ever Christmas present I’ve had!) – it went through the shell like butter without shattering it. I was shaking almost as I did it for fear it would go to pieces.

  3. Very pretty dolphin. Sounds like you turned a sad situation into a happy and fufilling one by heading in the creative direction of making your own jewelry.

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