To Sell It…To Sell It Not: That Is The Question

by Zoraida.
(Patchogue, New York, USA)

I know many of you jewelry makers have created something you just couldn’t sell. Not because it wasn’t worthy, but because you fell in love with it and couldn’t bare to part with it.

Here Comes the Sun necklace

One of my necklaces (Here Comes the Sun) was away for several months at Bead Style Magazine. It’s been featured in their Sept. 2012, Readers Gallery. I just got it back. I really missed it but knew it would be returned eventually so I patiently waited and absorbed myself in other projects.

Once back in my possession, I knew I was going to keep it for myself. Looking at the colors just cheered me up! It’s the only thing I’ve made in that style.

I wore this necklace to a Gem & Mineral show I just did and noticed many eyes focused on it rather than on my face quite often. This was a two day show so some of the customers came back on the second day.

My table at the start, not quite finished

One lady was at my table for several hours on both days. She lived nearby and would go home to change her clothes then return and try on more jewelry. She must have done this 3 or more times! I was beginning to feel stalked! She was pleasant and more than a little strange but we chatted away while she tried on everything on my table.

My feature in Bead Style Magazine

I figured she would eventually leave without buying anything and that would be fine as long she didn’t follow me home. I was afraid to leave my table for even a minute or she may “forget” she was wearing my jewelry. Paranoia!

Anyway, back to my Here Comes the Sun necklace, she really wanted to try it on even though I’d said it was not for sale.

Cover of the Sept 2012 issue of Bead Style Magazine

She offered me twice the amount I would have sold it for (if it were for sale). I asked her to let me think about it but at the end of the second day, she gave up saying it looked better on me than on her anyway.

On Sunday at 5:00pm the show ended. I looked over my shoulder constantly as I packed up my things and dismantled my display.

Although the show had ended, she lingered. I hoped she wouldn’t follow me to the parking lot -she didn’t. She was just a little odd.

This lady eventually purchased 4 necklaces, 3 pair of earrings and a pendant. It was my biggest single, sale of the day!

I was happy, surprised and made sure to deposit her check first thing on Monday morning. You never know.

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