Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry

by Dana C Smith.
(Ocean City, MD)

Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry by Dana Smith -  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My “Romance Collection” of Origami Rose Boxes

I have made a ton of these rose boxes; and they have been nearly as well-received as their contents!

Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry by Dana Smith -  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Luscious white Origami Rose Box

I intend to use this packaging for my creations – these are my creations too!-in 2016, and I am also selling them online.

Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry by Dana Smith -  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My “Bold Origami Rose Box Collection” open to show scallop tissue

I use linen-textured matte heavy cardstock for the origami box and for the attached rose. I tie the rose to the box via the raffia “stamens”, so that it can be removed if desired.

Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry by Dana Smith -  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Red is the color of roses…dreaming

I use a scallop edge tissue folded carefully to reclose around the jewelry; or to facilitate re-using the box. The boxes are quite sturdy and make an indelible impression!

Dana C Smith
Swag Bags

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  1. Show-stoppers! These rose boxes are beautiful and romantic. A dramatic and memorable way to present a gift. I can see why they’re so well received, and I imagine they’ll be a hot item for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing, Dana!

  2. I’ve been a folder for many years and made boxes. I’ve never tried a rose before. Yours are very pretty. Good job!

  3. Thanks, Rena and Sheila! I am a Johnny-come-lately to folding(a friend showed me how to make boxes-and I was off on an origami tangent!) It’s almost a meditative activity, and very addictive! Of course, you can learn to do almost anything on youtube-roses, cranes, swans, all manner of paper wonders. A lot of pausing; but after a few folded pretties, you’ve got it!

  4. Lovely! Please show us how to do this or direct us to a tutorial.

  5. Renee Doyle says:

    I love the “Romance Collection” of Origami Rose Boxes! The jewelry that I retail would have a great presentation with these Rose Boxes! How can I get in contact with you about wholesaling? I have a home-based small biz. I retail jewelry that are made from natural pearls, semi-precious stones and silver. They are handmade by women who are rescued from Human Trafficking. And my symbol that I have chosen for the clasps is a handcrafted silver rose. This biz is to continue helping women and children who are rescued to have life skills, education and to be self- sustainable and a renewed life.
    So hope that we can work something out.
    Have a great day and hope I hear from you soon!

  6. Thank you for your kind words. Renee! I would be delighted to talk to you about a wholesale price for the rose boxes. Please email me at dana@swagbagsplus.com for details. Your support of these survivors of such horrors is an honorable endeavor. My husband and I just recently viewed a PBS program about how children in The Phillipines were coerced into such activities after Typhoon Hian. Really grim and shocking!

  7. Stunning presentation for jewelry, bon bons, or any other tiny treasure. These would be just lovely for wedding receptions with a chocolate tucked inside for the guests!

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