Open and Close a Jump Ring

by Rena Klingenberg.

Here’s the right way to open and close a jump ring so it will keep its perfect circle.

Important: Never try to open a jump ring by pulling it open or unrolling it. It’s almost impossible to get it neatly rolled up again.

Instead, try this much easier method, where you simply twist the jump ring open:

Tutorial: Open and Close a Jump Ring

Skill Level: Beginner

Supplies and Tools:

1 jump ring
2 pairs of jewelry pliers – flat-nose or chain-nose


Hold the jump ring with one set of pliers on each side of the opening:

Gently twist one plier straight downward, and the other plier straight upward to open the jump ring.

Now you have an open jump ring that’s been twisted open, ready for you to hang whatever you like on it:

Now grasp the jump ring the same way again with both pliers. Gently bend one plier up and the other plier down to close the jump ring again:

And there you have it – a neatly re-closed jump ring that’s retained its perfect circle.

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  1. How do you know what size and weight of jump ring to use in different projects? Do you solder your jump rings?

  2. I use jump rings a lot and am wondering if you glue your jump rings every time. Sometimes a charm, etc. will fall off because of the tiny space at the split. If you do use glue how exactly do you glue? I’ve used a toothpick but it’s really not very convenient and I seem to make more of a mess than I should. Thanks. Your website has really been a godsend!

  3. Hi Corinne and Tracy!

    I don’t solder or glue jump rings. Instead, if it seems that security might be an issue with jump rings in a project, I use split rings. Tracy, I recommend that you try split rings in place of jump rings where you’re having trouble with charms falling off.

    It’s also possible that you need a heavier gauge of jump ring. In addition, I work-harden my jump rings before using them by twisting them open and shut several times.

    I hope this helps! 🙂

  4. I have an issue with a necklace I’m working on. It has 8 strands and keeps falling off the jump ring due to the tiny split. I used glue but that did not work. What is a split ring? How can I fix this problem.

  5. Hi Gail, split rings are basically jump rings with ends that overlap the ring, so there’s no tiny opening in the ring where things can slip through. This could be a good solution for the problem you’re having.

    Most jewelry suppliers who carry jump rings also carry split rings. To see a very large example of a split ring, see the second photo in my post Easy Way to Open a Split Key Ring.

    Good luck, Gail, and let me know how this works for you! 🙂

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