My Wire Rings Don’t Sell

by Angela.

question-mark-tan-on-red-grungeI happily made quite a bit of copper, simple wire rings as shown on this site ,and while I had some admiring them at craft fairs, not one sold!

I was disappointed and wondered if there are any tips on how to display them better.

I am a crafter so painted items are the main focus on my table, but I did display each ring front and center and each in a cute ring box that was open for all to see. Any tips on how to sell these are appreciated.


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  1. Sarah Swint says:

    I make wire wrapped button rings and have been in your shoes. Sometimes it doesn’t matter since it’s not the “right” customers at that show. I have now used black jewelry trays and filled them with rice. The contrast of the ring and white rice is stunning. Plus since my rings can’t be destroyed easily, children will put their fingers in it (sensory), with a mom scolding them, then she will take an interest. So far it has worked. I have repeat customers for shows I return to and that really makes me ☺️. Hope this helps!

  2. I keep my wire rings by the till with a sign to indicate handwired. I usually sell 5 or so each show. My price is so low that people can’t resist .

  3. Carolyn says:

    My wire rings sell very well. I put a sign by the ring display that states “1 for $5, 2 for $9, 3 for $12” and they sell in groups because most people want a good deal. The sign also states the material, such as copper, brass, and blends. The display is on a table at the front of my booth, where people see the display and sign quickly when they are just strolling buy. Knowing that my prices are low, it draws them in to see other pieces I have.

  4. I think it comes down to a personal thing – people will either like them or not. And if they’re priced too low, there is no perceived value. I would add some hammering and texturing to liven then up, antique some to bring out highlights, and up the price. Try some other upscale looking display for them. Good luck!!

  5. Sue Shade says:

    I keep my wire rings in an area that makes it easy for people to try them on. That seems to help them sell for me.

  6. Catherine Franz says:

    There are so many factors to consider on why something doesn’t sell. Here’s a short list:
    1. Type of show
    2. Weather
    3. Type of customers
    4. Your price
    5. Placement
    6. Do they look cheap and you are selling too high. I find many wire rings look just to cheap so I stopped making them.

    The like the idea of the placement ideas mentioned by others earlier. Also the 3 ring price set up. In other words, up-selling with discounts.

  7. If you mostly sell painted items, why not add some color to the rings? Not sure what technique would work best, but for $3-5, it hardly matters. People are not going to expect something permanent. Colors would make them more attractive to kids too.

  8. I sell lots of my $10 simple wire rings. I make them in copper, silver plate and silver filled. The silver plate do seem to sell the best with the copper a close second. I also often add on’t a bead or crystal… During the summer I usually sell at least 10 per show. I’m not sure why they don’t sell as well in early spring and in fall. My current theory is that summer is best because it’s an inexpensive, personal impulse buy they can put right on their finger. In spring people are thinking about gifts… Mother’s Day…Father’s Day… and rings are not usually bought as gifts because of fitting issues. In the Fall people are thinking about winter…gloves …not so good for rings. So, I make lots for the summer shows.

  9. I recently started making rings, and I’ve had success with them. I keep my prices around the $10 to $20 range, (some have gems in them) and so far I’ve been successful in selling them. I also have simpler rings in the $5 range, and they also have been good sellers. Rings are a nice niche to have, because not a lot of people know how to make them,and they will always get a lot of attention. Also they are easy to try on and wear so people love them. At least that’s been my experience.

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