Jewelry Display with Backdrop and Risers

by Duane.
(Lancaster, PA, USA)

Our display is always evolving but the biggest improvement we made was to add a manufactured display with risers and various stands.

Jewelry Display with Backdrop and Risers, by Duane  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Our backdrop I made by cutting an arch in a 4′ piece of 1/4″ luan plywood, then cutting a row of slots for hanging items and finally glued on some velvet to cover it.

On the back I screwed a 1″x3″x4′ strip of board.

We just place our tablecloth down, then the backdrop sets along the back edge of the table and is held in place with a couple C clamps.

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  1. Duane, your entire display looks very professional and elegant. I love the backdrop you created – and the way you arranged the jewelry on it. Very appealing!

  2. Nice idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi neighbor! I’m in York, PA. Great display idea.

  4. Duane, your backdrop looks sharp, great idea!

  5. Thank you everybody for the compliments. The riser gives us a nice backdrop and a place to hang necklaces. I use our label maker to make price stickers on the front to be more visible. We have tags on everything with the stone information and prices but it looks cleaner to let that hang to the back and just have a price on the front.

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