I Imagined It, Dreamed It and Made It Happen

by Fe Lebron.
(Girlie Ladybugs Co.™, Puerto Rico)

Red and Blue Flower necklace and earring set

Girlie Ladybugs Co.™
Original design jewelry and more…for girls all ages!

2010 gave me the strength, the courage and creativity to work toward a long time held dream, my own business! And, now in 2011 and introducing to the world my jewelry business!

Girlie Frog Necklace

Long Necklace

I am a single mom of three wonderful children, two boys and a girl and an “unemployed stay at home mom” at the moment. I have always loved buying jewelry for my little girl now I am designing it myself and I’M LOVING IT!

Red and Blue Flower Necklace Set
by Fe Lebron of Girlie Ladybugs

My goal is to make Girlie Ladybugs Co.™ a recognized brand and a top online store, number one in customer satisfaction. It’s a long ride I know, but I will work very hard, little by little to conquer the world!

I have to say this site, Home Jewelry Business Success Tips, helped me a lot during my first steps. Almost everything I know about a jewelry business I learned from this website. Thank you for that Rena!

I started making jewelry a few months ago, I am selling it really well and I always receive many compliments about my pieces.

I love selling it door to door, I visit homes, businesses, etc., because that gives me the opportunity to meet new people and that’s a great way to promote my business as well.

Strawberries Necklace Set

Just recently I opened an Etsy shop, and hopefully in a few months I will open my own website with all of my creations there and much more!

My business presentation is not ready yet, I’m still working in a few touches before I decide the final look of my business, still a lot of things to work on and, I’m working on it but that does not held me back from selling.

You have to learn in life to work with what you have and not necessarily wait for what you need. I have many beautiful design ideas in mind that I can’t wait to share with you shortly.

My jewelry line features exclusive and original designs mainly, made with handcrafted polymer clay beads. I use a very cartoonistic representation of things to give life to my beads. And, I think that’s why girls love them so much!

Also, prices are very competitive and that’s why moms love them too LOL. I use mainly, white metal on my chains and findings.

Upgrades to stainless steel & sterling silver for findings and chains will be available soon.

Hope you and your girls enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy making them.


Fe Lebron
Girlie Ladybugs Co.™


Imagining it, dreaming it, and making it happen
by: Rena

I love your story, Fe. I was very struck by the truth of “You have to learn in life to work with what you have and not necessarily wait for what you need.”

That’s such an excellent perspective to keep! And it’s amazing how much we can accomplish with that mindset. Otherwise it’s so easy to think, “I’ll start my jewelry business as soon as I have xxxx; or as soon as xxxx happens.”

But I love your approach of – don’t wait for that stuff, just get started anyway with whatever you already have! Thank you for sharing that.

I love your beautiful jewelry model – your daughter? What a neat way for you to work together. Does she also help you come up with jewelry design ideas, from a girl’s perspective?

I think you have a great line of fun, pretty jewelry, and I can see why you’re already having success with it.

Selling your work door to door is an interesting idea – I don’t think we’ve ever talked about that here. Do you have more success with the businesses or the homes you visit that way?

Thanks so much for letting me know how useful this website has been for helping you get started! That’s fantastic to hear, and I’m so happy the community here has played a part in your dream becoming reality!

Wishing you every success as you continue your jewelry journey, Fe! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us.

So Cute!
by: Janine

Your jewelry is so adorable, bright and girlie! I love it! I am not sure where in PR you are but in Old San Juan there are sooo many cute shops, I think anyone visiting would love to bring home some of your jewelry, You might want to expand of the frog line for visitors too. Try approaching some gift shops there sometime- And of course, Rena has plenty advice on how to sell jewelry in shops too.

Thank you for your comments…
by: Girlie Ladybugs Co.™

Rena and Janine,
Thank you for your nice comments!
Yes Rena, my daughter is my model…and she helps me a lot with my work.
Janine, thank you for your advice I am willing to try it!

by: Brenda


Your story is beautiful, touching, and inspiring. It shows that we can make dreams and goals come true if we stick to them. I am so proud of you and your business endeavours. I wish you all the luck and many blessings with your business.

by: HBetancourt

Definately will recommend to all my friends with young girls who love to be at their girliest. Good luck, it looks beautiful.

So girlie!
by: Tracy

Your pieces are so girlie! I saw your shop on Etsy and I love it. Good luck with your jewelry business.

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  1. Karine says:

    Great job Fe! Love the cute jewelry and the boxes are a really nice touch! You have natural talent and you are very creative. I’m sure you will go far keep up the good work!

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