I Hate How Consignment Shop Displays My Jewelry

by Amanda.
(Akron, New York USA)

Jewelry Supplies QuestionI don’t know how to go about talking to the owner of the consignment shop where I have my jewelry about my display.

I hate it. It’s messy and cluttered with other sellers jewelry. She is a really friendly and helpful owner but I don’t want to insult her.

I have tried hinting that I would like to change it and did change some things. I bought burlap fabric and made a tablecloth, brought in a tree stump slab, vintage glass bottles and a wire tree for jewelry displays but she just added my things to her jewelry table of clutter.

The other jewelry that is on the table is paracord bracelets and look-a-like Pandora bracelets. I think this cheapens the look of my jewelry. Not sure what to do? Please help.

lilFlowerChild at Etsy

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  1. Hi Amanda, does your jewelry sell well in her shop? If so, maybe how she displays it is actually working. Or you might want to experiment with popping into the shop a couple of times a week to organize your jewelry how you want it displayed.

    But if your jewelry isn’t selling well there, and the owner doesn’t listen to you or comply with your wishes, then maybe this shop (and its owner) aren’t a good match for you.

    Also, if the other jewelry & merchandise in the store are not of the same caliber as yours, then the shop’s clientele may not be a good fit for your jewelry. In that case, it may be time for a parting of the ways and finding a shop that’s a better match for your line of jewelry and how you want to display it.

  2. If she is a one person shop, maybe she is really busy, or maybe displays are not her strong suit. Could you suggest that you would love to help her create new jewelry displays off and on so when people come into the shop they are seeing something new? She might just jump at the chance to use your expertise and creativity, and you then would be able to design something more appealing to showcase your work.

    One of the shops I have my jewelry at did the same thing, then they saw some of my displays I had posted on line and they asked me if I could help them set up the jewelry display. Now everything looks much more inviting.

    If she is not open to your suggestions, then like Rena said, it may be time to move on to a better market. Good luck!

  3. Robbie Halladae says:

    I’m having a similar problem, the shop has taken my earrings from my display cards (designed to show off the earrings in the ideal manner, tested over 20 years of sales) and put them on a rack. Racking my stuff has always created a drop in sales, as it’s a drop in perceived value. I’ll be pulling my stuff at the end of this season I think. My problem is that it’s in the gallery contract that I must provide ready-to-display work, but that they can then do with it as they will. I will be checking that on any future contracts, and try to make certain that the establishment understands the hows and whys of my display choices and the bad experiences I’ve had with changing it. Sorry, just some advice for the future, put it in writing when you make your consignment agreement.

  4. kym Kinnison says:

    This drives me nuts ! I come from a display background so it’s very important to me that my work is displayed well. Offer to display it yourself, I have done this in the past and sometimes the owner is grateful for the help. There is quite a skill in displaying jewellery, remember it’s your work and you should have a say in how it’s displayed, both parties will benefit from this.

  5. I think you need to tell her straight out.
    Most of the stuff (that isn’t yours) has probably already been worn, and you just made yours and it’s never been worn. Ask/tell her that you would like to be able to display what you’ve made i(in same area if you want) but it has to be separate even if you have to bring in your own stuff to display (which might nit be good as some may want to purchase the display as I’ve come to learn)

    Explain that you would set up your display and you’d like it to stay as such. There is a certain way that jewelry should be displayed (especially that of which is hand crafted) If it’s already used then yes you can just display it on some form of mat but if someone just made it (therefore new) You want to try and sell that more cause you’ll make more on it. I don’t know if you told them you want a certain amount for each piece and they get a certain % out or if you told them to take their % on to it but either way… With something new they’d likely be able to sell it faster than used jewelry

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