I Hate How Consignment Shop Displays My Jewelry

by Amanda.
(Akron, New York USA)

Jewelry Supplies QuestionI don’t know how to go about talking to the owner of the consignment shop where I have my jewelry about my display.

I hate it. It’s messy and cluttered with other sellers jewelry. She is a really friendly and helpful owner but I don’t want to insult her.

I have tried hinting that I would like to change it and did change some things. I bought burlap fabric and made a tablecloth, brought in a tree stump slab, vintage glass bottles and a wire tree for jewelry displays but she just added my things to her jewelry table of clutter.

The other jewelry that is on the table is paracord bracelets and look-a-like Pandora bracelets. I think this cheapens the look of my jewelry. Not sure what to do? Please help.

lilFlowerChild at Etsy

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