Help! How to Remove Acrylic Varnish from Stones in a Pendant?

by Joan Jones.

Help!  How to Remove Acrylic Varnish from Stones in a Pendant?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I brushed onto my finished pewter pendant an acrylic medium and varnish.

Unfortunately, I got a little on the stones, so I decided to cover the entire stone.

Now, I’m looking to remove it with a solvent for acrylic varnish!

Any ideas?

Joan Jones

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  1. Sarah Small says:

    I would try acetone nail polish remover

  2. Great idea, Sarah!
    And Joan, here’s a thought before you experiment with anything to remove the acrylic varnish from the stones in your finished pendant:

    Consider creating some test pieces by applying some of the same acrylic varnish on some similar beads that you wouldn’t mind sacrificing. After the test beads dry, you can experiment with removing their varnish with the nail polish remover, without risking your pendant.

  3. I’ve used the dollar store product called “Awesome”. It really is. You add a small amount of water and soak the item or scrub the spot with toothbrush; acrylic peals off. Trick is like Rena says, try it on a test piece before using on the jewelry. I’d wear gloves when using it. I’ve soaked dried acrylic paint out of paint brushes with this product and water. The brushes are worn but usable after. No odor to speak of. I believe it is enzyme action.

  4. paint stripper will also dissolve the acrylic. But PLEASE as Rena said experiment first

  5. I know that acetone works or nail varnish remover, I use it regularly

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