Finding Your Niche: What’s Your “Signature” Jewelry Style?

by Cindy Devine.

It’s a question I continue to ask myself on my exploration of this jewelry design business.

A good place to start would be right in your own jewelry box.

Color-saturated bracelet by Cindy Devine

What Jewelry Do You Wear?

What do you own?

What jewelry do you find yourself always grabbing for, as a favorite piece that you seem to wear often? Is it your signature piece?

What are you attracted to when you’re out shopping?

Find Ways to Be Innovative

Look for inspiration. In today’s market being more creative and not just average is the key.

Find a special niche; something that you may not have seen anyone make before, or maybe it’s not made in the “usual” way. Trying to be different can make you stand out as a jewelry designer.

Then you must ask yourself: “Is it wearable?” Or, “is it more of a gallery piece to be adorned by viewing and not wearing on the body?”

Do some research. You can look through various types of magazines. Try beading, jewelry and art magazines. A trip to the local library or an art museum can lend a hand in developing your style.

Develop a Unique
“Signature” Style

You may need to experiment with different styles until you find your creative jewelry niche, find out what you like, and what you love to create.

Mixed-metal bracelet by Cindy Devine

For me, I’ve identified what I would call my “signature” look. For instance, I mainly love to work with wire and metals, twisting, weaving, and spiraling. I am drawn to sterling silver and Hill Tribe silver. I like to make double or triple strand bracelets and necklaces.

Find Your Style
to Find Your Customer

When you find your style, you will also identify your customer.

Do you create trendy or inexpensive jewelry pieces? Is your style geared towards the business woman of today? The casual jewelry wearer? The artsy customer looking for something unique that just says, “it’s so me?”

For me, I find that my style of designing is quickly evolving. Which I think is a good thing, as trends in fashion come and go. Always learning new techniques and keeping it fresh seems to be an important ingredient. For me at least.

Author Cindy Devine of Devine Designs is a self-representing jewelry artist living in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

She currently enjoys working with wire and metals, beads and gemstones. Her style can best be described as: eclectic, adventurous, mysterious and vintage. Be sure to visit Cindy’s Devine Designs blog.

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  1. Just the little bit I read is helpful. I absolutely love making jewelry. I had addictions 3 years ago, had an epiphany, and went for help. Since that time, my addiction is jewelry but I am having trouble figuring out what style I own and who my customer is. I try to do some jewelry for the artsy person but that’s not me. I love semi-precious beads, jasper, agate, etc. I just opened up an Etsy shop – GristMillJewelry. I would love you opinion. I’m so glad I found your site.

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