I Wasn’t Being True to My Own Style

by Mary.
(Ontario, Canada)

The Sea will Tell

Hi everyone,

First off, this is an amazing and helpful site; I’ve come back many times for great advice, so I’d like to ‘give back’ if I may.

I make handstamped sterling silver jewelry in my Etsy shop, AgawaCanyon. As I waited for sales, which were slow in coming, I saw handstamped jewelry explode on the market. It was as if every day there were at least 5 new shops, everyone doing basically the same thing.

Whale Songs

I was losing serious confidence in myself, and I finally decided to stop second-guessing my original instincts, which were to make my jewelry more ‘high end’ and unique.

I realized that I could easily fill a customer’s order if she wanted a name stamped on a disc, but to stand out from all the competition I needed to ‘stick to my roots’ of nature-inspired and inspirational designs.

I’ve since sold all around the world, have really happy and repeat customers and am slowly getting more and more traffic.

If there’s one piece of advice I would give, it is to stick to your own artistic style.

Pay attention to trends, yes, but don’t worry about competing. Focus instead on perfecting and evolving as an artist and people will notice.

It took me a long time to realize it was ME who was getting in the way of my growing success!

Hope this helps, and again, this is a wonderful, encouraging site!

Mariners Cove at Etsy


in agreement
by: pat barden

ilike the way you thought it all through–and put it to words. all the time me friends see something they like–oh, pat, you can replicate that for me–and i’ll buy it from you. but that isnt the point–just selling–ive a certain style, what ilike to make–what ilike to see–what iwant people to say–hey, pat barden made this–not just string something up someone saw elsewhere–just for the sale.
a lot of people think its poor financial judgement, and stubborn–but, hey–iffing ye saw it at target–buy it at target

by: Kim I.

I really like your design and am glad you are making more sales. It is very attractive and I wish you the best!

You are soooo right!
by: Diane

Mary –

You are so smart to have realized that yes, you can follow the crowd and sell a bit more – but are you being true to the natural artist within?

I’ve come to the same conclusion that you did, and I will stick with what I create from within. If it happens to be in style this season, great! If not, there are still others out there who are searching for what I create. And, in the meantime, I’m happy doing what is naturally coming forth from within myself – and as an added bonus, I’m happy wearing it too. ^_^

Continued success to you & every jewelry artist here.

Earth & Sky Studio

by: Qyn

Hi Mary,

Your pieces are beautiful and I am happy that you found your way back to your authentic self. I am sure your “true blue” pieces will sell like crazy, and give you joy in the process! Congratulations!

Qyn New-York
Designing the Light Within

Thank you!
by: Susie

Mary, Thank you for the reminder! I needed that! (Your work is lovely, by the way.)

Perfect Timing
by: Cindi

Your article and comments on re-focusing on your “art” and developing as an artist really hit a bit nerve with me.
I have been feeling a gap in my jewelry making and your comments helped me realize that I was too focused on just making things to sell quick, not really creating art that I would love for years.
Thank you for the perfect reminder.
WoodStone Jewelry

Thank You Too!!!
by: Dorothy

I too want to thank you for also reminding me of being true to my own style.I see a lot of things I want to replica that is not my style and I have a lot of trouble making it, but when I see something that I like I always add my style too it to make it my own. Again thanks and your piece is just lovely.

So Very Nice
by: Bonnie

You designs are very beautiful. Stay with what you are doing it is great!!!

by: Jacky

Mary your designs are wonderful! Truly inspirational and you have a great sense of colours. And your messages / words are just so very nice.

Thank you
by: Barbara K. Brown

I have had my etsy shop for less than a year. My style is eclectic, and each piece is different. I was thinking about giving “less” to the design, but caught myself.

Your article confirms my core belief that what I have to offer by way of my designs is special. Thank you for confirming my belief!

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