How Being Bold Got My Jewelry in a Fashion Show

© by Sarah Faison; all rights reserved.

During Spring of 2006 I transitioned my love of jewelry making from a hobby to a business. During this same season I attended an Ashton Hall fashion show, and I was impressed with his fashions.

I noticed that the female models did not have jewelry on to complement his designs. I approached him to share my views on his fashions and later followed-up with a meeting with him, to propose his models wearing my jewelry designs to complement his new clothing line.

Adorned in jewelry created by Sarah Faison, an Ashton Hall model pauses for the rapidly clicking cameras at the New York City fashion show.

We scheduled a meeting at Ashton Hall’s NYC showroom and discussed his upcoming line, and he provided me with the Pantone colors for his Fall NYC Fashion Show.

We worked together and I had the great opportunity to see my designs on NYC models as they walked the catwalk with many fashion photographers snapping away.

Another model comes down the catwalk at the Ashton Hall NYC fashion show, wearing Sarah's jewelry.

This was a wonderful experience and provided me with great exposure. Being bold and approaching the designer paid off for me.

Author Sarah Faison of Sarah J Designs creates one-of-a-kind custom jewelry from Swarovski crystals, gemstones, sterling silver, and more.

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  1. You must have felt so proud. This is a dream come true for anyone. Sometimes making jewelry and selling on line I forget about the person who will be wearing it. Are they high fashion, what colors do they like etc. To be teamed up like this with the designer and the models sounds fantastic!

  2. Sarah, that was a Bold move that truly paid off. Congrats!!!! Thanks for sharing. This is something that I have thought about but did not act on. Now reading how you made this a reality for you, I will work on approaching fashion week contacts in my city.

    Peace & Blessings!

  3. Congratulations, Sarah! How exciting for you! Continued success as you move forward on your new path.

  4. Wow! This is wonderful! It just never hurts to ask, great example for us all! Congrats to you!!! 🙂

  5. How wonderful that this man took the time to listen to you! I remember researching Sigourney Weaver before she came to Auburn, NY as a guest speaker at a Founders Day show I did there (my hometown). I noticed she never wore necklaces, not even at gala events, and bracelets were just to “iffy” since I had no idea of her size.

    Well, after a couple of weeks of pawing through what seemed like thousands of pics of her over the years, I decided to create two pairs of earrings…one elegant and one funky, since she wore both.

    Not even a thank you, form letter, nothing. So, it just goes to show, some people who have “made it” aren’t worth your talent. But you happened to find a successful person who values your creativity, and I’m so happy to hear that not everyone is like Weaver!! Perhaps the alien ate her manners??

    Your jewelry is beautiful, Sarah…on your site, you say to navigate to your boutique, yet there’s no link anywhere on your site that I could find. It’s fortunate you don’t live in “Hooterville” like some of us that live rurally. Being in NYC is a boon to the creative mind! The best of luck to you in what will certainly be a bright future.

    Chatty Cat’s

  6. Congratulations! What a great opportunity.

  7. Congratulations! Just goes to show that it never hurts to ask. Hope this has been a huge stepping stone for you.

  8. Sarah
    Congratulations! I totally agree with your philosophy of being bold!
    Betty Holland

  9. You must be proud of what you have accomplished. Thank you for the reminder to not be afraid to at least, ask. You proved that when people say, yes, good things can happen. That gives the confidence to ask in another situation. Thank you for your story.

  10. Just a thought for Cat regarding her experience with Sigourney Weaver. It’s easy for me to say, but I hope you didn’t take this experience personally once you recovered from your dismay at her rudeness and the hurt you must have felt after your experience… My heart ached for you after reading your comment.

    I wonder if she had a personal assistant or manager type person who actually received delivery of your well-researched designs. Through some fluke, they never ended up with the person for whom they were intended. Many times when you come face to face with a person’s “rudeness”, you realize the person’s actions were so bizarre or out of character that there must have been a circumstance you weren’t aware of!

    For whatever reason, the fact remains you did something you didn’t have to do to honor someone you must have had a great deal of respect for, and their actions hurt you deeply. I feel it had absolutely nothing to do with your talent as a designer. Please don’t harbor a grudge; they say everything happens for a reason. Keep putting your designs out there- Hooterville or NYC, the Internet insures they’ll make their way into the most unexpected places!

  11. David Kresge says:

    I had the opportunity to design an earring & brooch set. They are jeweled moons wrapped in sterling silver made for a theater production’s “moon goddess.” They will be sold after the play has ended.

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