Jewelry Grab Bags: Everybody Loves a Bargain!

by Janet Davis.

How to Sell Your Unsold Jewelry With This Grab Bag Strategy by Janet Davis  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My name is Janet Davis and I am the owner / operator of my own small jewelry business, EarArt ‘n Things.

I have been making and selling jewelry for several years.

I started out using plated findings as most of us did when we first started making jewelry, but within a few months I moved on to sterling silver and gold-fill findings.

Wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal by Janet Davis

I also use semiprecious gemstones, leather and suede and other found objects.

Over the past three years, I have added to my jewelry sales by making up what I call Jewelry Grab Bags, and I usually sell these bags around the holiday season.

Carnelian necklace by Janet Davis

My Jewelry Grab Bags consist mostly of jewelry that I have not sold over the past year.

I make jewelry all of the time and not everything sells at my home shows or other craft shows.

I will usually rework the more expensive pieces, and throw the other pieces into a drawer or plastic bag to later put in my Grab Bags.

I used ziplock bags, and I put the price of the bag on the front. Using ziplock bags lets the potential customer see exactly what’s in it.

I price my bags starting at $10.00 and go up to $30.00, but there have been times when I have had bags priced up to $50.00.

I usually have about 100 or more bags, and each bag has 2 to 4 items in it. At least one item in the bag is the value of the bag, and the other pieces are lower priced.

For instance, a $30.00 bag will have one $30.00 item and at least two other items valued around $10.00, $15.00 or $20.00, so the customer can purchase a $30.00 bag and have $60.00 worth of jewelry.

Copper neckwire set by Janet Davis

When my customers see the Grab Bags they usually buy two to three bags, and there have been times when I have sold out of my Grab Bags before the show is over.

I also allow my customers to swap out one item in the bag that they don’t like, but they can only swap out with a bag that is the same price as the original bag.

I did a home show a couple of weeks ago and two ladies bought seven Grab Bags each, totaling about $270.00.

I also did a craft show and sold eight bags with a total price of $140.00 to one person!

So for me, this is good because I am getting rid of a lot of old stuff and making money.

I’ve had customers who are looking for inexpensive jewelry to give as gifts, so when they see the Grab Bag prices they are really happy.

The bags usually consist of earrings, lower priced bracelets (i.e., stretch bracelets), copper pieces, some inexpensive fused glass pendants (i.e., with silver plated bails), anklets, inexpensive watches, toe rings and kids’ jewelry.

Some bags may have all earrings, or 2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet or necklace.

Janet Davis Murano glass jewelry set by Janet Davis

Grab Bags can also cause a jewelry frenzy!

I’ve seen five or six ladies clustered around the Grab Bags, most with several bags in their laps and having a good time going through the bags and exclaiming over their finds.

You may have a customer who only has a limited amount of money to spend, so that customer may buy one or two Grab Bags instead of not buying anything at all.

They may not have been able to afford a more expensive piece, but they could afford a $20.00 Grab Bag so they don’t go home empty-handed, and I’ve made a sale where I might not have if I didn’t have the Grab Bags.

So, if you have lots of jewelry extras, try putting together Jewelry Grab Bags and start making big sales.

Selling Grab Bags has helped me to get my jewelry inventory under control and I hope that it can help you too.

Author Janet Davis of Ear Art ‘n Things has been creating and selling jewelry for several years. She does chain maille, wire wrapping, stringing and fused glass.

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