Earring Display Stands

by Kathleen Davis.
(Fiddletown, CA)

Earring Display Stands

I like to put my earrings on a card, and I use a clear cellophane type of bag to display them.

I needed something to display them on instead of laying them flat on a table. So I asked a neighbor to make me these shelves.

I told him what I wanted, how I wanted the earrings to sit on the shelf.

With the earrings in the cellophane, the wear and tear on them is cut down tremendously. Nothing gets scratched.

So I had a neighbor build me these earring display shelves out of oak – but I am sure you can use any type of wood. I like the oak as the stands are not heavy but strong enough that if you are doing an outdoor show, the stands or the earrings won’t blow off the table.

There is a small slot on the shelf where the earring packet sits, and the earring packet slips into the slot. Kind of like the idea of a plate holder. It keeps the earrings on the shelf.

They look great, shiny when people walk up to my booth. It’s the first thing they look at.

I have increased my earring sales by 25% by using these displays.

They have sides that just pull open from the back with a chain that holds the angle of the tilt.

At the end of a show, I just put all the earrings in a box, fold up the displays flat and they are very easy to transport.

I have not found anything bad about them at all. I had three of them made. It cost me $75.00 for all three.

Kathleen Davis


Great earring display
by: Rena

I like to display earrings in baggies, too – especially at outdoor shows where dust, moisture, etc. can trash jewelry cards and tarnish metals.

This is such a great way to display your packaged pieces up off the tabletop and in a sturdy yet very attractive display.

And your 25% increase in earring sales speaks for the effectiveness of your display idea! Congrats on that!

Thank you for sharing this great display here, Kathleen. And kudos to your crafty neighbor for helping to make your idea a beautiful reality!

Earring Stand for displaying
by: Anonymous

The clear bags standing on the custom built stand is so neat looking!

Great Idea
by: Jacqui

this is such a great idea!

Pretty but…
by: Anonymous

This is pretty, but people like to touch and hold up to their ear and this makes that difficult.

Does this seem to cause a problem for you?

The earrings display bags
by: Anonymous

No, it does not pose a problem. The bags are easy to open, and i encourage the customers to do that if they want to see what they look like.I have a mirror handy too. I open the celephane bag, and the earrings go back on the card and i can reseal it. Most of the time though, people buy without doing that. I have only had a few customers want to take them out of the celephane bag. I also have smaller bags, that I use for my less expensive earrings. I use plated wires and extra beads, and put the earrings in these clear bags, no card, and have them in a tin. These bags are really nice cause they make the jewelry ‘shine’ if that makes sense. They really make the jewelry look great no matter what you put in them. I sell those earrings for $5.00 each. Some people can wear plated wires. I can’t but for someone looking for a bargain, it increases your sales. $5.00 here…$5.00 there….

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  1. What’s a good source for the cellophane bags? They look so much nicer than small ziplocks from the craft store.

  2. I just re-inventoried all my pieces last week and put all my earrings on home-made cards and put in plastic bags. So glad I found this post as I was literally JUST thinking I needed a rack like this so they are up higher and draw attention, rather than just having them in the box or laying out on the tables as well. I have been taking a Few of the earrings out and displaying on those metal dancing lady displays, but the rest are in the jewelry bags – 2 sizes – on cards. This also helps in that I can write the inventory label and information on the back of the card.

    I actually sold More earrings at my last show with this consistent packaging, and believe I’d sell even more still if they were up on display like this. Wish I had a friend/neighbor that could build one of these for Me! 🙂 Timely post!

  3. Is there any way that Kathleen could take a picture of the back, the stand part of this display. I found a friend willing to have a go at making something like this too, but he’s having trouble envisioning the arms/back and how much of an angle you keep it at.

    Also, is there any problem if a wind comes along? Do you keep a string or something across the front of each row on windy days?

    Thanks much!

  4. Shirley Cosenze says:

    How many does each shelf hold? Will your neighbor consider making some more!!

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