Cheap or Creative?

by Mckenzie.
(New Hampshire)

Wire Earrings by Mckenzie  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

As I was learning how to wire wrap and experimenting with new things that I could make, I tried to incorporate the technique into earrings.

After making these earrings I thought they were cute but was unsure on how secure the wire was that was twisted around the ear wire.

It could possibly stretch over time and fall off of the ear wire.

Please tell me your thoughts on the pair!

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  1. I like this earring design, Mckenzie! And as to how securely the wire is twisted around the ear wire – I’d say that if you have any doubt, it’s better to re-do it. Especially if these earrings will be worn by someone else. I believe in a sort of “jeweler’s intuition” – that feeling that something isn’t quite right with a piece we’re creating. (Or that feeling that everything is working spectacularly!) 🙂

  2. It’s a nice design, Mckenzie, and since it’s your own, you should consider it your prototype and wear the earrings yourself. That way you’ll know how they last, how they react to putting a phone to your ear and if you need to make any changes to the next pair. The picture isn’t clear enough to see your joins. But wearing them is also good advertising!

  3. Instead of wire wrapping maybe jump rings would work, stacked up to look like it’s wire wrapped?

  4. Barbara Smith says:

    You could even run a headpin through the bead and coil of wire up to the hooks. It wouldn’t show through the coil of wire. Or do you want it to bounce?

  5. These are really cute. I would go with the headpin idea that would support the whole structure. I would not expect the coil to hold up on its own. You can make your coil right around the core wire and make that into your headpin. You can also slide the coil on after it is made, depending on the size of the coil and the headpin wire.

  6. These earrings are cute. I would take the end of the wire and make a loop like you were using a head pin and wrap the tail under the loop so it doesn’t pull loose. then open up the loop on ear wire and put it on.

  7. I can not see your wire wrap clearly, done properly it will not fall off, I do alot of wire wrapping because I know it is very solid and will not come apart. The single wire loop is not always closed properly or closed loosely so the dangle could fall off.

  8. It’s difficult to see clearly what you did. Did you use a headpin or plain wire? If plain wire, what gauge? I use both plain wire (usually 20 gauge) and headpins, and always make wrapped loops. They have never stretched or come loose. I always try to have at least 3 full wraps too. You just need to keep practicing and figuring out what works for you. Everybody wraps differently. Good luck!

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