Can I Insure Consigned Items Myself?

by Kate.

question-mark-gold-on-greenA new consignment shop is opening up and I’ve been offered pretty generous rental terms.

Just got the contract today, which clearly specifies that the shop assumes no liability in the event of a break-in, damage, and so forth, and goes on to state, in writing, that the shop contents (any jewelry I place there) will NOT be insured.

I am attempting to chalk some of the shopkeeper’s choice up to inexperience, but obviously this is a point of concern on my end.

Is there a way to get insurance on my own items and retain protection, regardless of the shop owner’s decisions?


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  1. Jeanine says:

    Yes. I specifically asked about that when I got my policy. They will want to know the average value if items and the aggregate value of your items. However, your deductile may be higher than the value of one piece, so I would negotiate the contract to at least get back a portion of a lost item, maybe up to a certain dollar amount? Th at way her loss is limited but you get protection.

  2. Hi Kate – Check your homeowner’s policy, if you have one. It might provide coverage for items stolen, regardless if the items are on the premises or not. Sharon

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